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Does he really care?

My boyfriend of a month, will kiss me, hold my hand, tell me he loves me, etc in public, but when it comes to friends he says I'm a friend.it makes... Show More

He only calls me his Girlfriend to some people. I call him by boyfriend all the time. So am I looking at this wrong? We cuddle, We have s*x and he always cuddles and tells me he loves me, calls me baby, hun and all that. Were am I going wrong? is there something I'm not doing? The relationships I've had in the past were never like this one. I was never treated this well and I care about him so much.

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  • If someone doesn't call you their Girlfriend to everyone then you are not. Why wouldn't someone be proud of that fact unless they are not willing to put you there. By saying you are his friend to some and then to others you are his Girlfriend is a sign of somethings wrong. When you say this is my Boyfriend you are basically telling everyone I am taken. He is basically telling some people that I am taken and others that he is open for business. Since he is getting the sex why do anything else? I would ask what's up. But, I would look at this through the eyes of a cynic. And make your mind up about it then. Good Luck,

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  • My first thought is maybe your not officialy boyfriend and girlfriend.. if you and him don't call each other that then you are just friends.. a friend he really likes and wants to be with.. but if he's not sure what you are he will just call you his friend.. or at least I would.. I would just ask him..

    • ask him if your his girlfriend.. and then mention that he's only called you a friend around his friends.. then see how he reacts..

  • I don't think there's any reason to be distrustful of him. It has only been a month; he may still be getting used to the idea of having a girlfriend. Try chatting with him about it... see what he has to say.

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  • Have you asked him why he introduces you as a friend? Have you told him it makes you uncomfortable?

  • there are so many potential answers to this. but the one I believe is this...i bet a trillion dollars he is what we call an A$$hole.and immature, and a loser, and ... yeah...i bet, deep down inside he really does love you. Or, he wouldn't say it and show it. BUThe has some serious deep rooted insecurities and emotional issues that he is so messed up in the head he is too woosy to to let his friends see him whooped on a girl because he can't bear to confront the funny remarks or bullcrap his friends might say. like, he cares more about what his friends think because they are what makes him feel like a man and if they see any sensivity, he will feel kinda ... lame... SOhe "ACTS" hard and is fake with those people but he really isnt.RED FLAG1he lies to his friends about something tiny for vrtually no reason, he WILL lie to you. maybe not about huge deals...but about petty stuff that doesn't even matter...just to "not make yuo mad" he wants everything to always be drama free and hell fib to make sure of it. MY ADVICEnot, like you care...but, ITS ONLY BEEN A MONTH. DONT BRING IT UP TO HIM, DONT WORRY ABOUT WHYY HE DOES IT. DONT LET IT BOTHER YOU. JUST TAKE EVERY DAY AS IT IS...LET THINGS HAPPEN NATURALLY AND LET YOUR RELATIONSHIP RUNS ITS CORSE. I BET, IF YOU JUST SIT TIGHT AND RELAX AND STICK BY HIS SIDE, VERY SLOWLY, BUT SURLY, EVERYONE WILL KNOW, WITHOUT HIM EVEN HAVING TO SAY ANYTHING, THAT YOU ARE HIS WOMAN! good luck ****

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