Does he really care?

My boyfriend of a month, will kiss me, hold my hand, tell me he loves me, etc in public, but when it comes to friends he says I'm a makes me feel like he's hiding something. Does he really care, or am I just insecure Because I've been Cheated on so much before. I really do like him, and most of the time love him, but I just feel like there's something he's not telling me. Guys should I ask what's up or leave him alone?

He only calls me his Girlfriend to some people. I call him by boyfriend all the time. So am I looking at this wrong? We cuddle, We have s*x and he always cuddles and tells me he loves me, calls me baby, hun and all that. Were am I going wrong? is there something I'm not doing? The relationships I've had in the past were never like this one. I was never treated this well and I care about him so much.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If someone doesn't call you their Girlfriend to everyone then you are not. Why wouldn't someone be proud of that fact unless they are not willing to put you there. By saying you are his friend to some and then to others you are his Girlfriend is a sign of somethings wrong. When you say this is my Boyfriend you are basically telling everyone I am taken. He is basically telling some people that I am taken and others that he is open for business. Since he is getting the sex why do anything else?

    I would ask what's up. But, I would look at this through the eyes of a cynic. And make your mind up about it then.

    Good Luck,