Virgin bf.....

I got a new boyfriend and he's a virgin but I'm not... I want to make his 1st time really special but I have no clue how... Any ideas?


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  • music and candles. when you are doing the deed moan a little, make noise, dig ur nails into his back (not hard!), show him that yor are enjoying it as much as he is. my first time the girl just laid there like she was dead...i felt so bad for like a week because I thought I was a bad lay..if he knows or thinks you are enjoying it he will love it... just turn the lights off light up some candles, and put some music on real low... then guide him in and focuse on making it last as long as possible and showing him your loving it!


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  • Lol replying back again ha ha,If money is a issue being home alone helps buy some candles there cheap and make him a romantic dinner.

  • Go away for the weekend somewhere romantic!