Why does it seem women have no sex drive.

i love romance. and I know girls say this guy is hot. but you never hear a girl say this man I would love to see this guy naked. or I was turned on by this guys penis. but you hear guys talk about womens breasts all the time. why does it seem like girls don't have a sex drive?

I know butt jay jay when a guy walks by you in a towel it would be nice to hear I would love to rip that towel off. Just once then you can go back to being classy. Lol


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  • haha omg you have no idea...girls have a sex drive. Its just not as socially accepted as a mans sex drive is, so women don't talk about it. A girl would probably look like a whore if she started talking about how horny she is. Its just not a socially accepted thing.

    Girls do think about hot guys naked, but we either won't talk about it or only talk about it with close friends.

    • Ever think you might attract the guy you're thinking about by talking about it more openly?

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    • Thank god. a normal girl finaly. I'm all for romance but when I walk around in a towel I don't have time to get candles. I do this to tease women and I'm hoping they pull it off or take peek. I wish there were more real women out there like you. girls who arnt afraid to go for what they want when they see it. a lot of these ladies are all about candles. if I'm teasing you I'm not getting candles. lol you get best answer for being a real woman.

    • Aww thanks haha

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  • You are sadly mistaken if you think because a woman isn't visually stimulated like a man, she has no sex drive. Women's sexuality are tied more to their emotions, sexy images alone aren't going to get their juices flowing. Men and women are just different - the sooner you understand that, the better your understanding of women will be.

    I can look at a hot guy and admire him, but I'm not going to want him until he pays attention to me. Women like to be desired - there isn't anything hotter than knowing how much a man wants you, especially if it's for being yourself, not just how sexy you look.

    It's not complicated - take the time understand what women desire instead of dismissing them because they don't think like a man.

  • I think you're just not talking to the right females! I did a poll on here and found that 76% of respondents had a higher sex drive than their male partners. I think that a lot of times, we as women don't say anything to the men to keep from taking a chance on making them feel badly and risking the chance of even LESS sex. And yes, women that admit to having a high sex drive are often seen as slutty, especially by the men that have lower ones! I'm 52, and started having sex at 16. I have NEVER met or been with a man that has a higher sex drive than I do.

  • my god are you sure your 30-35! Women do comment on guys bodies and have very high sex drives. However men are driven by sex hence why you think the way you clearly do and are more into looking at sexual images. Women are more driven by emotions so although we might be rampant, what turns us on might not be a blokes knob but infact his sense of humour, his romantic gestures, the way he caresses us. You might want to make a mental note of that for future reference! lol

    • Yes I understand women are into sex when its connected to romance. but what I'm saying is if a guy who was in shape was sleeping with a towel over him and there was nothing on underneath would you want to pull it off? without the whole romance thing.

    • I don't know if I would be so bold to take it off,but I would love for it to accidentally fall off when he moved.

  • Before girls are emotional and respond to guys based on how they are treated by them. Guys respond to girls based on how smart, attractive and goodlooking they are.

  • No offense lol but penises aren't a very sexy image, well for me atleast. I think woman are more emotional creatures, we get turned on by gestures and what not. Not to say that nice biceps and abs are not completely sexy lol. But woman tend to go into relationships for emotional needs and men tend to for their physical needs. Guys are more visual creatures, so things like boobs and ass are huge turn ons on for you.

    • Penises are not a turn on? but that's what makes us men. your not at all curious to see a guy nude?

    • Haha yes and no...i find things like back muscles, arms and jawbones super sexy...lets switch the question around do guys get turned on by seeing a vagina? Or is it the others things like asses and breasts

  • Um, basically because honestly.. a penis is not hott. Breast are hott, It's not a sex drive, it's the fact that a womans body is prettier. Mens bodies are supposed to be sexy yes, but we think more about seeing a guy with no shirt on or something. Seeing a penis doesn't turn a girl on. Seeing a guy with no shirt on turns us on, or a sexy smile. Its just different.

  • i know my friends and I talk about hot guys all the time lol we just keep it slightly more quiet because usually our boyfriends are right there lol

  • oh we definitely have a sex drive, only were not as obvious as males, because a females rep can be easily tarnished. ( hello nympho!), and guys dont.

  • because size really doesn't matter.

    and we do just not infront of guys.. its unclassy

    but my friends and I talk about who we would f***, who looks liek a good f***ker

    and who looks like there bad.


    just because we don't tlk about it to guys doesn't mean we don't tlk about it


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  • Just stumbled on this question, and even though it's a bit stale at this point, I'll jump in. I'm sure that all the girls' answers say this, but let me say it as a guy: there are plenty of girls out there with awesome sex drives. I've dated girls who are downright insatiable with sex. Literally, there were times when I couldn't have sex anymore because I was too sore "down there". More commonly, though, are the girls who have a very healthy (but not overdone) sex drive. I think the biggest difference maker is whether the girl is comfortable with their body. Girls who are self conscious tend to avoid sex, while girls who are comfortable can really get into it.

  • You have not met the right girls. In my experience girls have a Sex drive that dwarfs guys almost 2:1 and I am a pretty desiring guy.

    It just might be the group your with or some other aspect but on a whole I have seen girls put guys to shame in drive and desire.

    And to that I say "Thank you Lord".

  • Well I thought like that as well. And I asked some girls the same question; I could tell by their eyes that they were checking guys and me out.. but they just don't say it or talk about it super outloud. So anyone not paying attention might dismiss it as like; THEY ARE NOT SEXUAL beings, but they are, because their eyes showed me that they actually were, they just aren't that outspoken about it.


  • You haven't talked to my wife, she has exceptionally high sex drive and stamina

  • Bi girls are much more open about their sexuality. That is why I like them!