Why does it seem women have no sex drive.

i love romance. and I know girls say this guy is hot. but you never hear a girl say this man I would love to see this guy naked. or I was turned on by this guys penis. but you hear guys talk about womens breasts all the time. why does it seem like girls don't have a sex drive?

I know butt jay jay when a guy walks by you in a towel it would be nice to hear I would love to rip that towel off. Just once then you can go back to being classy. Lol


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  • haha omg you have no idea...girls have a sex drive. Its just not as socially accepted as a mans sex drive is, so women don't talk about it. A girl would probably look like a whore if she started talking about how horny she is. Its just not a socially accepted thing.

    Girls do think about hot guys naked, but we either won't talk about it or only talk about it with close friends.

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      Ever think you might attract the guy you're thinking about by talking about it more openly?

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      Thank god. a normal girl finaly. I'm all for romance but when I walk around in a towel I don't have time to get candles. I do this to tease women and I'm hoping they pull it off or take peek. I wish there were more real women out there like you. girls who arnt afraid to go for what they want when they see it. a lot of these ladies are all about candles. if I'm teasing you I'm not getting candles. lol you get best answer for being a real woman.

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      Aww thanks haha