Is this OK to say to a girl in the gym I find attractive? (she doesn't smile)

Seen this girl in the gym for about 4 times already. I noticed her glancing at me while she's running on a treadmill and while she's stretching yesterday and today. When our eyes met she doesn't smile then turn her head on the other side. I want to say hi to her but or smile but it seems she's not that approuchable. I decided to talk to her next time if I see her again. Girls, is this OK ?

"Hey, a favor. Can you smile for me? I want to see you smile. I really find you attractive, but every time I see you, it's like you're going to kill the person who will talk to you.( and il give her a smile) then tell her please don't kill me then laugh"

Is this cheesy? sorry for my English! by the way I will say this in spanish.

Just want to make it clear. I caught her many times staring at me and then she just turn her head down. I just want to be friendly and introduce her to the regulars there. Because I think she doesn't know what do in the gym.


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  • Just hello, compliment her.


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  • i would not recommend a guy approaching a woman that doesn't give him positive signals. a lot of women just go to the gym to work out and aren't interested in meeting people. it sounds like she is one of them

    Also if you do decide to approach her anyway, PLEASE for the love of all that is holy do not ask her to smile for you. that is so lame and its annoying, people don't have to smile just because you are attracted to them. Before you approach her, next time you see her looking at you, smile at her. if she gives you a flirty smile back and keeps looking at you, then talk to her and only then. If she does not give you a flirtatious smile then don't talk to her because she is not interested

  • Wow this is interesting. There's a guy I like an he don't approach me that much. I didn't realize not smiling makes someone unapproachable. That's where I'm probably going wrong. The guy thinks I don't want to be approached. Yes tell her as most girls don't realize how their coming across. This is a real eye opener for me.

  • Don't say that. She is probably staring at you because she's wondering why some random dude is staring at her. Just glance her a smile when she looks and if she smiles back or seems approachable, then go up to her and start a covo. Don't say that though!

  • she's probably looking at you wondering why you're looking at her. I don't think you should say that in ANY language. it's creepy, and if it were me I would start going to the gym at a different time

  • I would hate if you said that to me.

    First off, I'm at the gym, not a party. Maybe she doesn't smile at the gym because she doesn't want to be approached.

    Secondly, sounds like you are pointing out one of her flaws and trying to make it up with a compliment.

    I think if you want to approach her you should just compliment her workout routine and say some things regarding that.

    • forgot to say in a friendly way! my bad.

    • Still. You can be friendly and it will sound the way I just said it will.

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  • I think it is a bit cheesy but that might be in the translation. I hope a girl would find it sweet, and it would show her that you are good fun and not afraid to speek up. I would never say that to a girl I do not know but wish I could.