Is it weird to like to cuddle as a guy?

So, I know girls love to cuddle, but is it weird to be a guy and like to cuddle? Like, my dream would be to be in bed with my girlfriend, cuddling and watching a romantic comedy. Is that weird since I'm a guy?


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  • Not weird at all. I'd be pretty unhappy if a guy I was with didn't like to cuddle, because physical affection is important to me. Without little things like cuddling or holding hands, or those little touches on the back or leg, playing with hair, etc etc, I'd feel kind of uncared about especially if we have a sexual relationship already. For me, actions speak louder than words. You could say you love me all you want, but if I feel like you hardly want to touch me outside of sex, then I'm not gonna FEEL loved. Touch is important for me to convey emotion in a relationship, so I'm receptive to emotion in the same way. At the very least, I'd feel like he didn't take my feelings seriously if he wasn't willing to do that for me sometimes, which isn't a good thing either.

    I don't expect to be attached at the hip constantly or always touching, and I like some space too, but I definitely enjoy cuddling up to watch a movie or to sleep. =]


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  • Takes two to tango, takes two to cuddle -- I should hope both parties enjoy it at least to some degree, otherwise it's a rather unappealing proposition. Personally, I'm not a big cuddler -- when I'm in the mood, sure but I really like my space. Just check up on her or read the signs to see if she's enjoying it or feeling smothered! In fact, survival rates of infants has been positively correlated with human touch, and for most people desiring physical touch is in our programing (male or not). So, stay happy and cuddle on!

  • I skimmed a recent article about men either having a "cuddle gene" or not at all.

    Admittedly, I did not read it beyond the beginning... basically, they were saying that the men who showed my concern towards a woman and her legitimate troubles are more likely to possess it.

    I believe that I will be a minority here... but, I am a female and I despise cuddling. It takes a lot of gradually built-up comfort to be able to tolerate someone to that point-- I even am uneasy about it when it is posed by my direct family members.

    Do I think that it is strange that you enjoy being close to someone? Negative; of course not. We all have different personalities, different needs, different wired emotions... if anything, I find it naturally expected.

  • What you think my thoughts are : WOW what a freak. Guys aren't supposed to want to cuddle. Ewww ! *gets turned off*

    What my actual thoughts are : Awww finally someone who enjoys it as much as I do :D *gets turned on*

  • nooo...thats so cute! *,*

  • Some dudes cuddle & some don't. It doesn't seem to have much to do with their feelings, since tons of guys cuddle with friends with benefits and such.


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  • Women are fun to cuddle with. I like to cuddle up to special women in my life. Sometimes I need to tie them down and gag them, but whatever it takes, you know?

  • No it's not weird. I can relate to that.