What do mixed signals mean?

Do they mean someone's interested and too shy to express it or that they're just not interested? The exact situation is this: I met this guy while... Show More

  • Vote A Interested but shy/discouraged/socially inept.
  • Vote B Not interested.

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  • Mixed signals, could mean the person is just trying to play hard 2 get until they your feelings are confirmed or it's just their nature as an egotistical person. On the other hand I could be yeah just plain shy not sure how to act around that person, the best solution is to just confround the person and be like what is going on her , decode their body language or just leave it alone unless you really felt something there it's not worth it to deal with their confusion...

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    • i agree with you. however, not sure if I'm brave enough.

    • WOW terrible grammer I realized opps :$ lol well u'll never know if you dn't try :) it's peaceful once you get closure