What do mixed signals mean?

Do they mean someone's interested and too shy to express it or that they're just not interested?

The exact situation is this: I met this guy while going out with a group of friends. I thought he was cute and we got along well and he mostly talked to me, walked with me almost constantly although we didn't know each other at all beforehand. Whenever I said I was against something or I didn't like something, he'd side with me. For example, I freaked out when I saw a moth and while everyone started making fun of me for being such a girl, he said that he usually ends up being the moth killer in the group and that he's pretty good and if I didn't want to go into a certain place, he would sway the group to go somewhere else. However, throughout the night, he'd get randomly quiet and then go back to being talkative. He also hasn't added me on Facebook so far. :/ Sounds petty but I thought that would be a sign of disinterest right? I don't think I showed interest because I was too shy since we were in a group of people and I didn't want to be obvious about it but then again, he didn't either really - he didn't flirt with me or awkwardly ask me if I'm seeing anyone. I usually can pick up signals really well but with this one, I am so confused.

  • Interested but shy/discouraged/socially inept.
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  • Not interested.
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  • Mixed signals, could mean the person is just trying to play hard 2 get until they your feelings are confirmed or it's just their nature as an egotistical person. On the other hand I could be yeah just plain shy not sure how to act around that person, the best solution is to just confround the person and be like what is going on her , decode their body language or just leave it alone unless you really felt something there it's not worth it to deal with their confusion...

    • i agree with you. however, not sure if I'm brave enough.

    • WOW terrible grammer I realized opps :$ lol well u'll never know if you dn't try :) it's peaceful once you get closure

What Guys Said 4

  • If there was a clear definition as to what they meant then they wouldn't be so confusing. The answer is all of the above and more. It depends on the person and the situation.

  • i honestly don't see any signs of interest do you? And if you do can you tell me?

  • Could be A... but also could be playing mind games with you.

    • He didn't seem like the type really but it could be possible. What would you advise me to do?

  • seems to me that YOU are the one giving mixed signals! your are so busy LOOKING for someone else s signals but you ain't sending any of yer own! if I were the guy I would be perplexed by now. you gave the poor guy nothing to work with. I wouldn't have added you to my Facebook either.

    • LOL OK OK. valid point, it could be that. I usually wait for someone else to make a move first before I make one. afterward I don't have a problem making further moves, I just have a problem approaching someone and being unsure if they're interested or not. it usually worked for me up to now.

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  • You haven't considered anything like C. He has a girlfriend? But no in all seriously, if a guy is interested - he'll make a move. If he was interested but didn't know how you felt/ thought you didn't like him - he'd have added you on Facebook and let you get to know him more so he change your mind. Perhaps he didn't feel he knew you well enough...but he didn't try and get to know you better. Sorry honey, however you didn't say how long ago you met him, if this was literally last night, he could still make a move - but I wouldn't hold my breath for someone who didn't flirt.

    • nah, he doesn't have a girlfriend, he's not moving away, he doesn't have cancer. I disagree on the fact that a guy'll def make a move if he's interested though since I'm friends with a few shy guys that'd probably require a girl to make several moves first before they'd dare do anything. hence I wasn't too cut up about the flirting either. I just thought that if a guy spends a lot of time with you, they're usually interested or friends. in this case I couldn't tell which. however, you may be right.

    • Well I'm sorry you disagree, but I disagree. A lot of people color situations with excuses, to soften the blow but in general mixed signals means a. they aren't interested and you're just overanalysing the situation, or b. they are sending mixed signal because their signals are mixed, when someone's feelings are mixed it often means, they're attracted to you but something is holding them back and they don't see a potential relationship happening. Shy guys, may take longer but still get there

  • i think youve peaked his interest. why don't you add him on fb? and see if he wants to do something? send your own signals. if he's not interested, you don't lose anything from taking the first step.

    • yeah, I really should make a move in order to find out. I am very much trying to avoid that though since we have a LOT of common friends as it turns out.

    • that could make it awkward. ask him to hang out (just you guys). see what he says. its pretty obvious what youd mean by that (eg. date). but if he says no, you can play it off like it wasn't a date. and hopefully he'd just go along with that.

    • ok deal. sounds decent. I should live a little. thanks for you advice.

  • You realize you're asking two questions! What do mixed signals mean? and is this guy interested in me? Kinda different if you know what I mean

    Well mixed signals means you're getting the impression that he likes you sometimes, but he's also giving the impression that he's not interested in a relationship so you're hesititant!

    But whether his guy is interested who knows! give it some time, at least get to know the guy a little! IF he wants to be with you he will do whatever he can to be with you! if not, don't stress it!

    • yeah true. you're right. sorry about that. and I wasn't really stressing, I was honestly just confused since I can usually tell really easily if someone is interested or not.

  • It's too soon to tell- if you keep talking with him and try flirting with him more you may be able to tell. He may be shy

  • Interested but shy/discouraged/socially inept.



    • He didn't seem like the type but anything is possible. I can't stop obsessing over the fact that he hasn't added me on fb. What do you think I should do?