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Did I push him away? Will he come back?

me and my guy friend were hooking up over winter break, but then I went back to college which is 4 hours away from home, and he goes to college at... Show More

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  • You already asked this question. Twice today. Move on.

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  • I threw up in my mouth a little reading this. Let me break it down for you.

    You have developed feelings. He hasn't. He still wants to F you and keep the girlfriend. Not only does he not have feelings for you, he doesn't have them for her and he wants to creep behind her back with you. He's a jerk.

    If this guy really had any decent feelings for you, he wouldn't be seeing this other girl, he would have broken up with her and going out with you. But, no, instead, all he is doing is getting butt-hurt because you won't F him behind his girlfriend's back.

    So, no, you did not push him away from any sort of good, emotional attachment. You just cut him off from the booty and he decided putting up with your desire for more with him wasn't worth it.

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