Does my boyfriend HATE me?!?! Please help!!!!!

So something is VERY wrong! My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 months and I really like him, and for a while he seemed to really like me. But recently he's been acting really distant and it's super hard to talk to him. Does my boyfriend hate me?

In the past 2 weeks:

* he brings up old double dates he had with his ex-gf, his best friend Steve and Steve's girlfriend Britt in front of me

* he won't hold hands with/cuddle/hug/kiss me... even in private

* he always tries to get his Steve and Britt to double with us... like all the time... for everything, Steve is actually getting annoyed with it, and I've been annoyed with it

* he forgot our 4 month

* he didn't pay for their dinner the last couple of double dates we had out to dinner

* we're almost never alone, there always seem to be his friends around

* he keeps adding classes and activities: he's already taking 18 hours, teaching 2 instruments, VP of a club on campus, and in 2 bands... and he just added 3 more hours of classes

* he's not interested in making out with me for the past two weeks

* He's kept his ex's lovey stuff all over his facebook profile (he broke up with her in MAY) and he won't change his myspace to 'in a relationship' (we've been dating since SEPT)

* this weekend his roommate was gone and my roommate was gone... hmmm- two empty rooms... we still slept alone in our respective dorms

* he totally blew off a lunch we had together, on purpose

What should I do?!

Yeah, I know he doesn't HATE me hate me. Does he want to break up? I've been concerned that he hasn't moved on from his ex-girlfriend the whole time, but I'm a little insecure so I thought it was just me being weird. With this new behavior I'm concerned.


Most Helpful Girl

  • ur right he doesn't hate you, he's just too chicken to tell you to your face that he's not over his ex an doesn't want to be with u. he's putting as much distance between you two as possible probably in the hopes that ull get the hint an end it. all the signs are there you listed them above. he won't even acknowledge ur in a relationship. he won't touch you in private. he won't even be alone with u. I mean come on don't have to b a rocket scientist to tell he doesn't want to b with you and e more. an I know its not what you want to hear an it hurts believe me I know I've been down that road. trying to hold on to something that's not there an everyone can tell you wake up leave him. but because you care about him you just can't because you keep hoping hell change or you think you can change him or you think if you stay things will get better. because ur insecure you think I'm not going to get and e one else or I don't want and e one else or this could b my only chance. that's the problem with insecure people we always take the worst from everyone because we don't believe we deserve and e better. try ur best to move on an find someone worthy of you itll b hard but everyone deserves to b happy an obviously you aren't happy. don't you think you deserve to b, deep down inside and e way. I wish you the best take care.