Spooning? Ever change up the big spoon/little spoon?

In a typical relationship, the man is usually the big spoon and the girl the little spoon. Anyone ever switch that up? I'm usually the big spoon but occasionally when we sleep in a bed together or if we're just laying down, my girlfriend has occasionally been big spoon.

I prefer being big spoon just Because I like holding her. She's obviously smaller so it makes more sense lol. But occasionally I kinda like being little spoon. is this weird? anyone else sometimes like that? or girls sometimes like doing big spoon?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I like being both equally! I'm little and my boyfriend is a bit chubby but I like to wrap my arms around him because he's warm and makes me feel like I'm cuddling with a big teddy bear :P. I like giving him kissies on his back too.