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Spooning? Ever change up the big spoon/little spoon?

In a typical relationship, the man is usually the big spoon and the girl the little spoon. Anyone ever switch that up? I'm usually the big spoon but... Show More

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  • I like being both equally! I'm little and my boyfriend is a bit chubby but I like to wrap my arms around him because he's warm and makes me feel like I'm cuddling with a big teddy bear :P. I like giving him kissies on his back too.

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  • I think it is perfectly normal for a guy to want to be the little spoon sometimes as well. Me and my man probably share these roles and I am perfectly fine with it. There are nights that he wants to be held and I always give him kisses on his back. He is of coarse bigger than me like most me but it still works.

  • I like both equally. It depends on my mood - do I want to be held, or do I want to hold him? I don't mind having that "protector" feeling either, it's not just a male thing in my eyes.When falling asleep though... little spoon is such a good feeling when you're dozing off. Little spoon with his hand on my boob, haha.

    • The last sentence made my day haha

  • I've tried, but the mandude has giant shoulders and it's hard to get my arms around them! Usually when he's sleeping and has his back turned to me and I wake up and want to cuddle haha.

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  • I think it's only natural for guys to want to be the big spoon. We like to be the protector, and by being the big spoon we protect her vulnerable back.Not that there's anything wrong with switching places. It can feel nice but at the end both genders will prefer the man as big spoon.And in fact having a girl expose her back while sleeping, especially towards the door, can make both the guy and the girl to sleep less good.

    • i definitely agree that I like being big spoon better, but sometimes its just more comfortable to be little spoon lol

  • I think it's fun to switch it up once in a while. It always feels nice to be the one who is held! Plus its cute when girls try to figure out how to do it, always ends up feeling perfect even though you know they have no clue how to do it =P

  • I 100% agree that sometimes it's nice to be the little spoon for a change! More just because it's fun/cute to do it the "wrong way". But really, if it is someone I care about, I'll love any kind of physical contact!

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