This guy I like is avoiding me

Hey, so let me just explain what's going on :)

So there's this guy I really like, and during the Winter holidays, we kept texting like everyday, he always wanted to talk to me, and we really hit it off, we have the same interests and everything, so I really thought he liked me. But then after the holidays, when we got back to school (yes I'm in high-school), I went to say hi to him, and ever since he's been avoiding me, and we haven't texted in weeks. At first I thought it was because he thought I was ugly or something, but I mean he had my Facebook, so he knew what I looked like, and he said I was pretty to one of my friends, and he had already seen me in school, so it couldn't be that. And then I asked one of his friends what he thought about me and he said that he liked me, but I don't get it, why does he keep avoiding me like that ?! It's really pissing me off, because I really like him..

Thanks for your help ! :)


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  • what he's doing is he's playing that game to snag you he probably realizes you like him but if a guy isn't sure he will do those things just as girls do..its all nautral it just mes he's scared of the rejection just put yourself in his shoes you would be the same way...even in this age of all this tech gadgets and fb MySpace and twitter people are still so scared to say how they feel about someone..and I'm only 22 but I wouldn't dare tell a girl how I feel some take that and run with it an leave you feelin like a dummy..but its vice versa it happens to both..if you like him for real don't wait on him..just because your friends say guys always go first that's bs..a relationship starts with both of you in it not just people need a him out he will love you longer for that..cause I pretty sure if you was the shy one which it doesn't seem like you are but I don't know he's seems like mr shy like me just ask him what's up you know he will talk I know he will..hope this clears that up.shy guy out

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      Oh I am really really shy too, and I've told him that I liked him, but he didn't answer, I really don't know what to think...

      You know when you see him he's not shy at all, he's even kind of popular, he talks to everyone, but some of my friends told me he has never had a girlfriend, and when it comes to girls he's sort of shy

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      thats the worst kinda