Do Guys Think Its Too Forward When A Girl Asks Them Out??

I've asked a guy out before, he said yes, but later I for out I had caught him off guard and he really wished I would have let him ask me out instead..


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  • No, its okay to ask guys out, and any guys who offended is not a guy you want to date. But that said I'm talking from a Europian cultural perspective. Not sure in the US. You guys have loads of rules about dating, most of which involve telephones? Never understood it, that and the connection with sport and universities, just strange to me. Sorry I'm blathering.

    Regarding you're picture, I didn't know the mighty boosh had made it to the ther side of the fish pond. Old Jack, part man, part fish, part woman, with a man'gina.

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      Haha, Old Greg???

      I love Old Greg, He's my fuzzy little man peach!