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Cute ways to ask a crush to sweethearts dance?

i want to ask my friend to a dance and I like her alot. I need cute ways so she'll say yes

Most Helpful Opinion

  • tell her about "this girl that your wanting to the dance" and ask her ways that she would want to be asked... and use exactly that! :D cutest thing ever! but make sure that she has no idea its her until you ask her... good luck :)

What Girls Said 2

  • Just say, "Say gurl! I fancy takin you to da dance! What say you!?"

What Guys Said 1

  • alrightwhat uyou gotta dfo is guck her. when you f*** her shel fele obligated to go to the danwe with u!

    • lmao

    • yaaa you kike it -P:

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