How do I become desirable to men?

I won't lie, I do think I am pretty and have been told that too. I'm not super confident or anything, quite shy though, but when I warm up I am very outgoing and funny and interesting. Problem is , no guys get to see that part of me. I get looks out in public but no guy actually smiles or approaches me or anything unless he's a creep. I'd be leaving the gym and I have guys flat out doing a second take or staring at me, but I just walk by and never see them again. It sucks!

How can I get guys to hit on me or approach me? :( I am shy so I can't smile or act overly flirty... HELP!


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  • Hi there.

    I just wrote an article on girls that seem to be having a hard time making connections happen with men due to shyness.


    It is a very long read, but I believe strongly it will be helpful.

    As for not being able to smile, often shy girls make the mistake that they try to smile only at people who they are interested in, or try at least. It is far more important to smile towards everyone (10 year old boys, grandpa's on the street, the mother two two children, etc.) such that smiling feels less forced when you find a boy you actually would like to smile at. Men generally approach those girls they believe wish to be approached. Your body language is key to this. Please read my article via the link above and let me know if you have additional questions.

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      Your article is great, thank you! As for the smiling, well, I have a problem that creepy old men hit on me when I politely smile at them (i'm talking old), so I try to avoid it haha

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      Tell them you are already taken. You can still make their day by being friendly and you learn to be more approachable to all men. Smiling girl is like a magnet, she's going to attract everybody, including the BOY you want. You must do this, it works. Smile even at the old ones, smile at girls, just smile. :)

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      I'll try, thanks!