Do guys still think of their exes even though they may have already moved on?

me and my boyfriend broke up because it was a long distance relationship and it didn't pertain to us right now where we are in our lives. we were each others first loves and I didn't take to well and had a hard time giving him the space he deserved. I went to his friends and him constantly hearing I was talking about it he god mad at me and basically told me he wanted nothing to do with me. After just a month it seems as though he has found another interest. Do you think I still run through his mind even though he hates me?


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  • I thought about writing a long email, a while ago about how I had missed her and how I had the biggest struggle getting over things. For the longest time, I felt like I didn't do enough, like I didn't fight hard enough for her. Looking back... we can't ever have what we had again. Maybe it was that whole "right love at the wrong time" thing. I'm not sure. What I do know is that I never really got closure from it, I choose to just believe what I had was a good thing, and live with that. It's hard to see her happy with someone else, because I feel I never got the same chance he's getting. But you know what, that was her choice, not mine. I didn't walk. And I'm happy knowing I gave it my absolute best, rather than continuing to worry about it all. Maybe someday I'll lose that jealous feeling, but for now. I intend to remember what we had, and the good that came from it. So yeah, we will always think of our ex, no matter what.

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      yeah he made the decision because I didn't have the heart to do it. Just amazes me how guys can go from loving you and calling you their everything and how happy they are with you to literally like a month later being with someone else. heart break might be the worst pain but seeing him with someone else is right next to being the worst. I should think of how this relationship made me grow rather than feeling sorry for myself and thinking of his happpyness. thanky you!