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I'm really starting to hate my ex, but then again I still have feelings for him.

I'm really starting to hate my ex, but then again I still have feelings for him. My point for this question is that I really don't understand... Show More

The annoying thing is that,Im hanging around a friend that I knew for 3yrs,he doesn't know him personally only went to school with him.My friend is not like other guys,Hes very kind,respectful..basically a gentleman..then out of no where tells me that my friend is trying to sleep with me..WTH? I'm 100% sure that's not true,I know how my friend is..He just told me randomly,For one if he had a girlfriend why care who wants to sleep with me or who I sleep with?

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  • > I'm really starting to hate my ex,but then again I still have feelings for him.

    Stop it. He's your ex for a REASON.

    > Right now he has a new girlfirend!

    So... you can be replaced. Accept it.

    > He needs someone at all times and finds someone wherever he goes.

    Check this out: link

    Sounds like your boyfriend.

    So he might expect you to be there if/when he comes back. He'll probably be right.

    You're really begging for punishment.

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  • he's a jerk. he's with a new girl because he Does not care how she feels?

    just let him go and be your own person.

  • I think he did it because he cares ... as strange as that sounds. The other girl means nothing to him, which is fine because he is now leading a here today gone-tomorrow lifestyle.

    Does this make any sense ?

  • Yes. He is a coward. He used the marines as an excuse along with the whole "I'm going to hold you back" speech. I don't know exactly everything about your relationship but I'm guessing he used it as an excuse because he just doesn't like you anymore, I know that might be tough to hear/think but that really the only reason I see.

  • hey .. hehehe he needs sexual relationship right now ...im a lieutenant and I have an experience in those issues

What Girls Said 1

  • Well think of it this way, he has about 6 months left of freedom and he had to decide what to do with that time. He either realized he doesn't see himself with you in the future so he ended it here to have fun with other girls or that's actually the girl he wants to be with and he took a shot at it.

    I don't really see any other reason, I'm sorry.

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