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Is it weird to ask a girl out?

Is weird to ask a girl you fancy out to coffee or breakfast even if you don't know her very well

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  • If this happened to me, I just wouldn't be able to take the guy seriously (after this happening to me several times) I'd assume he just wants to take me out simply because he's physically attracted to me and he'll probably end up ditching me. They are usually really nice guys who will take me out on 2-3 dates. After the 2nd or 3rd date, they suddenly ignore me, ditch me, and find another pretty girl to date. Doesn't matter if I slept with them or not. They ditch me regardless. Hope you don't turn out that way!

    • Because you sound like a pompous bitch :O

    • LOL

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  • Not weird. It's a way of getting to know her better.

  • well most girls expect you to have a few conversations with her first before you ask her out, which in my opinion is the hardest part, because we have to entertain her, make her laugh, etc.

  • It isn't weird... but the chance she says yes are much lower.Food is good bait =0 I'm such a bad guy for saying that ...

  • well I mean how not very well do you know her, cause if you barely talk then its gonna be weird but if you guys actually have conversations then it won't be weird at all

  • Take a chance, what's the worst she'll say? No? There's plenty of others out there who I'm sure would love to go out and you can't give up on one try. I say be yourself and keep it cool, ask in a respectful and confident way. Sound like you mean it and don't hesitate. Wish you the best of luck!

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