Does Being Drunk Expose Your True Feelings?

Here's my issue. There's a guy that I like that lives in my apt complex. We were friends at one point then I started dating another guy and we sorta broke off the friendship. At that point he was really pissed that I was dating this other guy so he chose not to talk to me anymore. So me and the... Show More

Can anybody interpret his real feelings?

Most Helpful Guy

  • He just used the excuse he was drunk to tell you the truth....had you rejected him or laughed at him for what he said, later on he could say, well, I was drunk then.

    As to the other question of why not talking to you as much, well, guys are also confused as to when is the next best time to call or talk to a girl; some don't want to appear over clingy, while others also know that if you don't call as often, then the girl might even want you more. He could be playing one of those cards. Next time he calls, when you're saying bye, you can always joke and say, 'so when will I hear from you next, next year?' And with that you're letting him know is ok to call you more often.