Why do men give so many mixed signals?

I've experienced this with almost every guy I've come across and actually liked. Now I understand if maybe I misread things every now and then, it... Show More

dang...i was not expecting this kind of crap. I'm starting to think posting this was a mistake, I feel even worse than I did before. I've tried approaching it differently so many times! I've done every thing I could while staying true to myself, including not looking. doesn't work. I've always been careful not to show desperation, because I lose so much respect for girls that do. and after all this, things are STILL falling through...when does it end?

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  • Maybe you come on too strong? You sound as though you're doing all the work, let the guys take the initiative more. If you leave them alone, you'll see who really wants to be with you because they'll do the work to get to know you.

    Screw all the guys who don't do anything, maybe they have a crush on some other girl and don't care about anyone else or for some other reason they just don't like you. Let them go (and don't keep any attractive guy friends as 'potential boyfriend', because they just like your attention and use it).

    Let them come to you, not the other way around.

    And when they come, don't get all excited. Act cool, you're an interesting girl and they should put in some effort if they want you to like them.

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    • finally, something reasonable...i'll consider it, thanks :)

    • I agree it sounds like you're trying to hard. Kick back a bit and don't worry about things so much and you'll probably have better luck.

    • alrighty I'll try that