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Why would he give me the cold shoulder?

i had feelings for this guy and I was pretty sure he had feelings for me. although, I was never completely sure. he would text me for hw, but then he... Show More

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  • Perhaps you should take it easy on the lad. Obviously you can come on too strong in any relationship. Also as I have said many times don't let the physical side of things get to dominating your budding relationship. You may never know what lays ahead if you just pay attention to the guy out of your physical desire to be close.

    My tip is to bite the bullet and take back your comment. Find him where no one else is and where no one else goes. If he associates you with a specific place he will return consistently to see you. Think about Jess Aarons, the main character in Bridge to Terabitihia. He always returns to that special place because of his partner in crime.

    Also, avoid the phone or messaging like the plague. It's always better if you contact the guy personally. It shows that you are sincere and care enough to listen to him one on one.

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