How can a successful black female attract a successful white man?

ok so I am 24 years old and I am in dental school. I am attractive , tall,with a nice body but I find it hard to attract the same in a white guy or non black guy. I have white guys flirt with me but it never continues to dating. The ones that do date me are not my type because they try to act black which is the biggest turn off ever! So how do I attract the guys I want. seriously!


Most Helpful Guy

  • The thing about mixed couples is that they sometimes overcompensate for being their original ethnicity, be it white, black, chinese, indian etc. It's possible that these guys you're meeting are nervous from a possibly new experience, and are unsure how to handle it. They might be putting on a bit of a show for your benefit, in order to make you feel more "at home" around them.

    What you have to do, is perhaps assure them that they need not "act black" in your company, and that you want them for who they are, not someone they're acting as.

    A bit of my background, so you know where this advice is coming from : I'm from Malaysia, which is a melting pot of Malays, Chinese and Indians and various other races. Inter-racial dating and coupling is of late quite rampant and is a widely accepted norm among those under the age of 50. It quite often is the case that we each act like we're from a different race, but it's fallen into acceptance, and is not seen as a problem for most people.

    My advice = Just be yourself, don't put on airs and stuff, and keep looking. You'll find yourself a good guy soon enough, patience will pay off :)