What kind of affection do guys like?

How much affection do guys like? I know you aren't supposed to be clingy. I just don't know when to give affection to guys. What do they like & when should I show them affection? Should I be embarrassed?


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  • Here's the lazy (guy's) version.


    As much as we can get.

    Who says you're not supposed to, and why do they matter?

    Give it when you feel like it, to the one you're dating or whatev -only-.

    Holding hands and up (everything).



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  • Alright, I'm gonna go all psychology on you to make my point. There are four Jungian psychological archetypes that humans fall in to, and we are more predominantly of one than the other three and they are King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. There are many versions out there of this aNd they also apply to women, you just had to change the names. They are drawn in a circle and base off of your emotions, behavior , and psychological tendencies, you identify which one you fit in most. The archetype that is exactly opposite to you also represents the most compatible person for you to be with. I'm a warrior (aggressive emotions, determined, stubborn) and the archetype across from that is the lover (romantic, calming, affectionate, loving) and so I very highly value and appreciate love and affection from the woman that I am with. I mean I go crazy when a woman shows her affection to me both physically and verbally, it's very assuring and comforting and allows me to love her even more. It can be as simple as holding my hand, a kiss, or a massage all the way to her telling me all the things she loves about me. With regards to clingy, it's difficult to say and it depends on what the person you're wih has been through so hard to comment on that. Now whether you believe in Jungian psychology or not (makes perfect sense when you read about it in detail), don't be afraid to show your affection if you're with a guy you like. I guarantee you he'll appreciate it and it strengthens your relationship. What's love if you can't show it, words or actions?

  • Every guy is different with how much and what they like. It's just a matter of you doing what you feel like and seeing his reaction to it.

  • Lots and lots and I love you to show affection. Doesn't have to be love, if it's a one-night affair

  • I think the whole don't be clingy thing is somewhat exaggerated. Different people want different levels of attention. If someone is getting more attention than they want, then it is called clingy. If they don't get enough attention then you are being too distant. I like clingy, because I am sort of clingy. That is just my personality. Show him the amount of attention you want to show him. If he has a problem with it, he can tell you himself. Also you can learn to read his body language to see how he reacts to your attention.


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