Is it OK for girls to flirt with other guys while dating another guy?

Is it OK for girls to flirt with other guys while dating another guy? even if the flirting is innocent?


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  • Seriously, don't flirt with guys that you don't have any intention of making into a serious relationship. It is just downright annoying and you are wasting our time. After all, we could be chasing girls that are actually available. Why break our hearts? DO NOT FLIRT WITH BOYS IF YOU HAVE NO INTENTION OF SEEING THEM IN THE LONG-TERM.


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  • If you're dating someone you care about, there shouldn't be any need to flirt with other guys.

    Though to some people, there's a pretty thin line between what's considered flirting and what's considered having fun with someone else.

    • Yeah well 2 days after we broke up, she started kissing the other guy. then found out that he was using her as a rebound. so she came back to me, we got into a fight, and now I'm a dick because of it. I'm not taking her back. but she makes me feel as if it is all my fault

    • If her kissing another guy AFTER you broke up is the only reason you don't want her back , it's a poor reason.

    • No its not. I don't have a problem with her doing that. its just her saying she was flirting with him, and then kissing him, and saying they were talking. and then I can't do anything with any other girl. but she can do whatever she wants. bothers me. and there is a lot more reasons. but I really don't have time to explain every single thing.

  • In my opinion absolutely not! Flirting is not harmless

    • Thank you, for your answer. My recent ex, one reason were not together is because of this, she thinks its completely fine, as long as she doesn't act upon it. but then I found out, 2 days after we broke up, she kissed one of the guys she's was flirting with, and said it just happened. then when her and I got into a fight about it. and how I thought its not right for her to do that. she claims well she's single, and that I'm an idiot and a dick. did I have the right to act on that? am I right or wrong?

  • no.

  • About your ex: you two broke up, so she has all right to kiss whoever she pleases. Why would that stop you from getting back with her? As for the flirting while you're dating, maybe she does it without realising it; some girls are flirty by nature, though they would never take it further than that.

    To answer your question, I don't think it's okay but it's definitely not a big deal if the flirting is innocent.

    • And bout 3 weeks later. after us braking up. would you say its okay for me to go to a dance with one of her friends?. I really didn't have that big of a deal with her kissing the other guy, but I did have the problem with her being able to do w/e she wants, and if I was to talk to another girl she would get pissed(when dating/ and after)

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    • That what I say is true? Lol, nevermind, I make stupid comments at times. And no need to tell her if you're not going to get back together, I guess.

    • Its all good. and I know right? lol

  • it depends really. innocent flirting maybe unknown with the girl. you said it was innocent so obviously she doesn't mean it. if things start getting serious then flirting should stop with other people. girls or guys . neither should flirt if they are commited and want to go out with the person


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  • It's not out of the question, but I think it's an issue that is best left alone if the relationship is serious or not. To me, it's not the best idea in the world to flirt with another guy because it will give him false hopes. It's happened to me.