Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about your crush?

It can never be between him and me (we work together and I think he is already taken). I catch myself doing it ALL the time (I see him too much!). Do you like someone you can't be with? Do you ever sometimes find yourself wondering/imagining? If you do how often?


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  • Sure, this happens fairly often. If I flirt with someone taken, I get bad thoughts about her that are hard to shake. Totally normal, don't worry about it. I find that only way to really stop daydreaming is to make an overt move on them, even when I know I'll get told I'm in appropriate. Once I'm told I"m in appropriate, most of the crush disappears, I've found.

    • I will talk with him. Thank you for the advice! :-)

    • It would be best to have a quiet conversation where you hash out your feelings with each other, just so you both will feel more comfortable. I've found that takes away the fantasies, at some degre!

    • He knows. Everyone knows. I couldn't hide it but I tried to at first. Ha ha. I don't want to read anything into it but he is fun to be around and nice to me literally everyday. His friend teases me about him now and then. We aren't crossing any lines.

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  • Yeah, I think about it all the time. I even joke with her about it.

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  • Yeah. A lot of the time, even when they're around.

  • yes, all the time