Why can't I attract women?

31 years of age. I know I will never get a women they want me to treat them badly and I don't. Being nice is a bad thing


Most Helpful Guy

  • Being nice is NOT a bad thing.

    Being TOO nice is a bad thing. Not being challenging, constantly giving attention/compliments/favors etc. Not being fun, joking or playing around, having confidence in yourself. That's what women don't want.

    And so is believing you will never get a girl.

    Women DO NOT want to be treated badly unless they're the kind with daddy issues, then it's a subconscious thing, but they still don't consciously want it. They want a guy who is not boring, confident enough to stand up for himself and his beliefs, knows how to have a conversation, make them feel emotions, and is nice.

    I used to be TOO NICE. Syre I was fun, and could make a girl laugh, but I'd never challange her, tease her, or stick up for myself. That got me nowhere. I'd get a "girlfriend" but then she'd get bored. Women don't want stereotypical nice guys, OR a**holes, they want a well rounded guy, an alpha male, with the qualities from both extremes, I learned a lot from this: link