How to ask a girl out to be just friends...

K, how do you ask a girl out just to be friends?! Like I'm lacking on friends that are girls and would just like more experience actually talking to girls. But how would you ask out a girl, say just to hang out? I know it seems like a rhetorical question. But guys and girls, you all know this that if a guy were to ask a girl out, say to hang out. The girl would 99% of the time be thinking that the guy would be interested in them and probably even reject them. So how can you ask a girl out just for a friendship thing? And nothing more?


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  • I think that you could just kind of treat her like one of the guys and ask her to hang out with you and your friends and if she is with her friend ask her to come along too to make it feel more comfortable for her or you could tell her that she could invite some one to come along if she wanted to. The atmosphere should be casual too.

    - this is just a suggestion based on my view points this may or may not work.

    • The thing is I'm in a hip hop dance class. And I'm the only guy in that class and the rest are all girls. So it's a little intimidating to even ask a couple girls out for say something to eat. What if they reject me?! There's girls all around.

    • Then you should try talking to them during dance class try to find something in common to talk about. Just be yourself and your confidence will build. Plus there is a good chance that at least one girl who won't reject you.

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  • Wow. That's a tricky one.

    You're right. If you ask a girl that's even your friend out lets say to go to the movies. AS FRIENDS. She would probably think that you like her. Even if you do say AS FRIENDS. The only way I would think a girl wouldn't think you were saying like on a date is if she absolutely knew that you don't like her. Even if she happens to like you. See, that's the part that is tricky.

    For example, I happen to be starting to crush over my best guy friend. If he were to ask me that, yeah. I would know that he meant it as friends because he tells me everything. including who he likes. So I know he doesn't like me, but I would still feel really happy because I et to go somewhere with him.

    Wow. I really don't know. I guess it depends on the situation. Is the girl you are thinking of asking one of your CLOSE friends that are girls?. I don't want to confuse it with girlfriends. Is there any possible way. Besides asking her. That you could find out is she may like you?. If there is. Find out because like I said above. She may get all excited for nothing. I just don't wan tot see you coming out as the bad guy in this.

    So. Yeah. I guess I got off topic a bit. But yeah. If you are close friends and you know for a fact that she doesn't have any fellings for you, just ask her to go to the movies to hang out. AS FRIENDS.

    Sorry if this was confusing. Just trying to help!

  • Theres actually a really nice, simple answer. Ask a girl you've been friendly with for advice concerning a girl you actually DO like as more than a friend. This shows you want to be friends with her, are interested in what she has to say, and that you only want to be friends.

  • You shouldn't be afraid of rejection if you're just going for a friend relationship. You wouldn't really "ask a girl out to be friends" though. If you're afraid she might mistake you asking her for time spent together as a dating move, I suggest using a group approach either with your friends, her friends, or a mixture of both.


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  • Me, I'm tempted to try the "forward" thing and just ask them to hang out 1) in a group 2)

    i haven't really done it before, so I'm curious to see what happens.

    see, I have horrible luck with women being friends. I invite people I want to get to know to different kinds of things; I give them notice. And the women I've talked to so far are the absolute worst at bothering to show up. I have a new friend who actually does, but she's a bit different (in a very cool way) so it wasn't like pulling teeth to invite her.

    actually, I'm also looking. But I'm not trying to force myself into a date. I just want to get to know people, and if we fall for each other, great. If not, at the least I get to know better people. I don't jump into relationships, so it's not like I'm acting desperate.

    i've tried asking female "friends" to hang out in groups, I've tried hosting parties, and no women show up. If I invited only women I don't currently spend a lot of time with, then no one would show. But I invite guys too. I do public events. I'm not asking anyone to a one on one. So other than being blatantly direct, I have no idea what would work and why it doesn't.

  • Why not ask her out like you DO like her?

    She, of course will give you the "why don't we just be friends".

    And then you're in the friend zone and you'll have nothing to worry about. ^_^

  • Well how would you do it with a guy? If you just want to be friends that is incredibly easy just don't go into it thinking that it will turn into a relationship, and if the relationship thing ever came up just tell the honest truth about it. But I will say this though its real easy to fall into the relation ship thing once you are friends.

    • Guys and girls. They're kinda different. Geez. Or maybe I'm just a coward. For guys, I would be like, hey. Lets go grab a bite to eat. But for girls. I dunno, it's a little different. If they say no, it's kinda like a rejection thing.

    • Your just trying to be there friend so wheres the fear of rejection coming from? She doesn't who cares she is one of the guys. Do you whine over the guys saying "nhaa dude I don't want to" or do you go that's cool catch you later?