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Would you feel rejected if ...

You have kissed a long time friend on the neck on 3 separate occasions but still you are not sure if she is interested ? Would you just move on ,... Show More

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  • Well it depends on what type of a person she is and how she views things.Kissing on the neck is clearly an indication of sexuality if nothing else.But if I have kissed her on the neck THRICE, (1) I'd know that she sure doesn't have a problem doing it with me (2) If she's a shy and introverted person then I'd know she 'may' not be interested but I'm probably taking advantage of herThat's what it is according to me unless I've misunderstood something in the question

What Girls Said 1

  • Id act like nothing happened...Especially if she acts like nothing happened. but I wouldn't try it again.

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