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Hello Ladies..and gents. What have you been up to lately? Also, would you like to ask me a question?

So, after logging on to GAG today, I realized that I've been here a while, but I've only actually had any sort of conversation with a tiny handful of... Show More

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  • I've been cloning stuff, genetically modifying plants, and doing metabolic engineering, working on a few websites, writing lots of papers, and having a few beers from time to time. =)

    • Essentially, you're busy as f***, hah. Cloning eh? Sounds like you're a grad student

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    • lol, thanks. At least someone finds it interesting. =P Well my peers find my ideas interesting, but talking to anyone else in my life about it is a chore. Trying mentioning modifying proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum of algae to someone and wait for the yawns, or mention genetically modifying plants and watch the backlash come flying as they say, do you really think we should be going in that direction. hehe. =P

    • yea man I know how it is. I'm in the sciences too ^^

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  • Well lately I've been working my @ss off and I love it. One of our day shift girls quit so I took her place.Also have been hanging out at a local joint after work to unwind. Lovin life!:-)

    • nice. Good to see someone genuinely happy in these days! What do you do for work (if you don't mind me asking)?

    • I work with the elderly:-)

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  • Helloooo to you as well! I've just finished pooping (thanks fer asking), and I would like to know your approach to nose maintenance. Are you in favor of picking with passion, do you prefer dabbing them out daintily with a tissue? We have a right to know!

    • Haha, well I do prefer using tissue paper for such things.

    • My kinda guy! ; - )

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