Does looking high maintenance attract better guys?

Will a girl who dresses to the nines and looks upscale attract higher quality men than a girl who looks like a plain Jane.

Makeup, stylish hair, nice outfit, designer bag and shoes vs a girl who just wears her hair in a pony and wears shirts and Jeans or sweats

Better looking, more money


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  • I don't think it will matter either way. If you dress "to the nines" you might get a guy who is more confident in himself or you might get one that's a player and thinks he's all that and can get anything he wants. On the other hand, dressing "casual" you might get guys who think your easy or lack self-confidence because they don't see you as someone out of their league. You could also find a guy who is more genuine and down to earth.

    I feel if you dress to with the level of style you would wear everyday as well as be a reflection of the type of person your looking for, you may have better luck. Many have heard the advice, "be yourself" in this case I would say, "dress yourself." Of course I usually wear a T-Shirt and sweat pants around the house so what do I know about style lol.


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  • Depends on what your criteria of "better" is.

    I'd say this is probably a better question for the girls to answer than the guys.

  • Each person is different. I'm one who'd like someone simple over high maintenance.

  • I think the real question is: what's a "higher quality" man?

  • Such girls definitely do get more attention than plain Janes but it can backlash really badly.

    You see - I wanted to stop reading after I saw "designer bag" 'tho I didn't.

    Anyway, if you decide to give it a shot, also think how to keep a man not just only how to attract, or else we gonna have another question "omg why they keep running awaaaaay?!"

  • lol, no. not necessarily.

    • better looking doesn't have to mean they make more money. I know plenty of people who are poor but still manage to look good. they just don't use name brand stuff most likely (thats the expensive stuff)

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  • Lol if it did I would have had numerous quality guys. Um..not clearly I don't. I realized the sloppier I look the more good and well to do guys come around. Oldly enough..

  • Yes

    Guys aren't hung up on labels and designer brands, but designer brands often look better and last longer than cheaper ones, so you'll look more put together.

    Girls who are dressed well and put together will attract the average/uggos as well as the more put together men.

  • it attracts more men in general