Growing a Pair and making a move (help from the girls)

Hey. So there is this really cute girl in my morning class. Saw her first day of classes and instantly started crushing. We've talked but only during group stuff in class, nothing outside of class. I missed some really good opportunities to talk to her and now that I realize that waiting around... Show More

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  • Last I checked, I'm not a girl, but I just thought it was worth considering... Your plan isn't exactly fool proof. Why would you need to meet up with her later to get her notes back if you have class together anyway?

    Class and school work are kinda boring topics, too. Just strike up a light hearted convo with her after class sometime while you're walking off to wherever it is you're both headed. I've become close with a really good looking girl (who I totally would've considered out of my league before) just by doing that. After a few weeks we'd start siting together etc and it just grows naturally. Just be fun and light hearted when you chat after class and you should be good, you don't need any big plan.

    Good luck, brother.

    • Sounds good to me, thanks man. Only reason with the notes is because we share that one morning class and that's it. That's why I'd have to get her notes back to her later that day anyways.

    • Took your advice and talked to her yesterday after class. We just talked I didn't have to do anything clever. It wasn't easy approaching her but once we started talking it went flawlessly. We talked about the class and did a lot of laughing. I introduced myself as did she. Now that the ice is broken, the rest should be easy. Thanks for the advice man!

    • :) You're welcome. I'm glad it was helpful, mate. It really is as easy and just being relaxed, open and natural.