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Is it better to ask a girl out directly or chat her up first?

Before I go into details, I'm talking about Facebook contact. Specifically, there is this girl that a couple or more months ago came to the cafe I... Show More

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  • i prefer direct approach. I prefer getting to know someone before getting involved. but a date is just a glorified way of sating hang out, which is fine. its how you get to know people. and if you already know you are interested, pretending not to be just so you can cross some imaginary time border. would just be awkward and annoying.

    you already know youd like to get to know her. if she needs a few months to deliberate ver getting to know someone she doesn't know. you guys are incompatible. best to find that out now. imo.

    • You are right about the time border thing. I also prefer the direct approach; the only catch is, what if she doesn't quite remember me? Is it bad to remind her how we know each other in a message?

What Girls Said 2

  • Definitely be straight forward and ask her out. If you guys had a connection before, it won't be hard to revive it when you're in person. There's nothing I hate more than a guy who can't step up to the plate instead of beating around the bush!

What Guys Said 1

  • Be direct. Ask her first. There'll be plenty of time for charm and chatting up over the coffee.

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