Update on "crushing on a nerdy boy"

So my friend told my crush that I like him today. This is her summary of what happened: When we quit school, I ran after him out on the parking lot and said "danieeeeeel, wait I have to tell you something. Eeeeh, I think Mariah likes you very much and think you're cute, but you might have noticed? Also he smiled and just 'ehhhh nnnoooooo" Then he went and I jut said "wait! she is quite shy and I thought I should tell because she don't dare to tell you and she did not quite know how you would react" He smiled and walked away to his car.He is very shy and quiet, he was very embarrassed... But he clearly smiled, a quite big smile."What do you guys think? at least now he knows...


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  • Look for signs during the day tomorrow: If he's still staring at you, smile at him and see if he smiles back,... If the signs are good, do the same as your friend did yesterday, run after him and ask him out tomorrow! Tell him you want to get to know him better. Don't bother about nervousness, let your hart pound and enjoy it!Its on now, so if he doesn't like you back you're basically already rejected, and the good part of this is: You're in a nothing to lose situation now, there is no turning back! I've red your previous question as well and from what I've red so far I'm quite sure he likes you. So go for it! And based on you're picture, from what I can see from your face, I think you're very beautiful, which is another reason I'm sure he likes you.God this guy is so lucky, I'm him at age 27, still virgin, I wish this will happen to me one day... But I've given up hope already a long time ago...

    • Let me know how it turns out! I really hope for the both of you that you become a couple...

    • Well thanks, I have this little feeling that he likes me too, he just doesnow it like a "normal" boy would. Thank you so much, lovely: )

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  • Sounds like it worked! Good luck!If only all girls went after the nerdy boys :P the WoW servers would be EMPTY!

    • Hahah, I'll update you guys: )

    • make a point of bumping into him, I'd like to see this work out :POh to be young and in love... lol

    • The schoolday is over and we don't have class together tomorrow, but I might if I bump into him : )

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  • The game is afoot now...

    • D'aaw, I sure hope you're right ! D: But it's a deal, boy: D

    • Cherry, let's just put it this way.If I knew you in real life, I would bet you 100 bucks he would say yes. I am THAT sure. So, tell you what. Next best thing.If you win, I'll, hm, I'll vote you up 5 stars in this question. If YOU win, you owe me one friend request, deal?

    • Well.. I'm not sure he'll ever be ready, but I want to show howthat it's not sacry and that I'm not scary just because I'm a girl. I hope he don't say no just because he's nervousD:

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  • He was most likely flattered. Now that he knows it will be earlier for both of you to talk. You may have to make the first move. Ask him if he wants to grab a coffee and go talk.

  • Yep, now he knows...

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