Acted aloof and uninterested and now the girl is ignoring me?

As my name says, I AM CLUELESS about how to flirt, interact etc. with girls. So this girl I know for almost a year used to like me (physically at... Show More

Some additional details. She is in a sorority, a small one and I made out with one of her sisters... after knowing her (like 9 months ago) They aren't that friends but still. Man its quite complicated lol

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  • I'd ignore you too. If a guy ignores me then I presume he has no interest and move on. If I figure out that he's playing games then I'm turned off and my interest is gone. Just hope she is a little more forgiving than me and try to talk to her but don't be surprised if you've ruined your chance

    • Please look at the update... Any suggestions?

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    • MAYBE! maybe because she started ignoring me that I noticed... :(

    • So be honest with yourself you don't have to answer me but are you genuinely interested or is it the challenge you like?