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Acted aloof and uninterested and now the girl is ignoring me?

As my name says, I AM CLUELESS about how to flirt, interact etc. with girls. So this girl I know for almost a year used to like me (physically at... Show More

Some additional details. She is in a sorority, a small one and I made out with one of her sisters... after knowing her (like 9 months ago) They aren't that friends but still. Man its quite complicated lol

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  • I'd ignore you too. If a guy ignores me then I presume he has no interest and move on. If I figure out that he's playing games then I'm turned off and my interest is gone. Just hope she is a little more forgiving than me and try to talk to her but don't be surprised if you've ruined your chance

    • Please look at the update... Any suggestions?

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    • MAYBE! maybe because she started ignoring me that I noticed... :(

    • So be honest with yourself you don't have to answer me but are you genuinely interested or is it the challenge you like?

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  • If you really like her that much, get off your high horse and say hi and be the first to initiate. Acting cold and aloof probably hurt her a lot if she really liked you, so that was just stupid on your part, and you need to fix it.

    Sorry, that was mean. =/

    • Please look at the update... Any suggestions?

    • no, if it happened 9 months ago it doesn't matter anymore.

  • I agree with cazza

  • well. as someone who's shy with the opposite gender myself I feel your pain lol. but, I think all in all, most girls expect the guy to make the first move. yes, it kinda sucks, but that's just how it goes. men are typically the mor edominant ones, girls associate that with interest so if your not making a move she'll assume you aren't interested ! nothing major, just say HEY or WHATSUP. trust me ... if you just say hey a few times and make her feel like you wanna talk she'll come around.

    • Please look at the update... Any suggestions?

    • lmao. well, that could actually work in your advantage if you made out with her (given that well, she didn't say anything bad about it) because people are intrigued by others who are wanted or have been wanted by others. as long as you don't come off as a player type. and if they aren't friends then it won't be as big of a deal for her to also possibly hook up with you lol.

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  • Be a man, sack up, go talk to her. You played it like a fool to begin with, don't play it like a fool now.

    • Should I tell her I like her or should I go slowly? Escalate or just plain go all in?

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    • Please look at the update... Any suggestions?

    • They aren't friends, that was months ago, and it was just making out (probably at a party, probably with alcohol). No big deal. Pay no mind to it unless she brings it up, then deal with it at that time. Otherwise, never mention it and don't let it affect your actions.

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