Is it loserish to be part-time bartender at 26?

I have a non-existent social circle and used to be clueless about girls, but a year ago I got a part time bartending job at THE most popular nightclub in a big city, I did it for several months, my girl skills improved a lot and met quite a few girls, but then I quit quite abruptly for several reasons,and my life has returned to being a loner with nothing to do on weekend nights again, and I really miss the times and the people I met on that job.

Now I could and I have been going back to the club as a customer, but obviously it isn't as easy to meet girls and it's spending instead of earning money. And strangely, it's only after I left that job that my confidence with girls really began to skyrocket.

So,would it be loserish, at 26, to get that job back for the purpose of expanding my social circle and meeting more girls/people while getting paid, because it's quite hard to find another job/lifestyle which would afford that kind of opportunity.

Or, should I try to make more money with my day job and go there as a customer, meet girls and expand my social circle like every normal club-goer do?


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  • if that's what you want, then go for it. We are all entitled to chase what makes us happy. If you want to meet new people or have your life in that direction, then go for it. This is your life, you don't have to live by others standards of what you think makes you a loser or not. If you're having fun, enjoying your life, and you have no regrets about your choices, then hell go for it. At the end of the day, we all live with the choices we make/have made. You dont' want to think after, I would have, could have or should have.

    • but ideally, I want to be the guy who has a nice social circle and can easily get girls as a club goer instead of relying on being a bartender in order to get girls interested, and I am actually quite confident that I am capable of doing that, except since I don't have a club-going social circle, the only means I have right now to get those kinds of friends would be through some online forum, and it's not as weird as it sounds coz

    • coz the place I live it's actually quite a common thing to meet people online and get together and club together, except being the unsocial person that I am, I still have some reservation about meeting people that way, but then it's the only way I know, so should I do it?

    • KingsOfleon88 this is honestly the best answer that was given...and I just had to comment cause this caught my eye maybe cause I'm in love with Kings of Leon. Which is totally off topic.


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  • Well, many girls will want and expect you to be bartending as a means to an end, not as a career choice. In the past, you could get away being a bartender, you got really good at it, your presence brought in regular customers, you could make decent buck, and I've met my share of bartenders in their 50s and 60s, and no they were doing it as retirement career. But today it seems, bartending is just one of those jobs you do to put yourself through school.

    But hey, at least it is a job, and shows you are willing to work. Find what it was that brought out your confidence before, dig it up.

  • The job doesn't make you a loser. Letting people's opinions affect your level of self-confidence/consciousness does however.

  • God speed my brother! Whatever you chose to do, I wish you the best!

  • Why not get a real day job and bartend part time on the weekends and maybe once per week?

  • Your priorities are very odd. Stop trying so hard.

    • you are damn right man...

      except that clubbing experience/lifestyle has become a kind of addiction for me and now I am constantly chasing for that fix...I never realized how many opportunities with girls I missed when I was on that job until I left the job

    • Well honestly that life is a waste of time and when you age you will see that. Go to the super market and hold a honey dew melon and say something midly perverted to a hot woman.