Hey outgoing guys, help me out?

Recently I met this guy. He's outgoing, friendly to everyone so I'm finding it hard to decide whether he's flirting or he's just doing friendly stuff.

So he sat next to me and the entire time his arm was against mine. He'd ask about what my plans were for the weekend, what I did the day before, told me about his plans for the following day, told me his hobbies, his holiday in the next few weeks and how he'd meet his family again. In the middle of a joke he picked up my hand.

Now the thing that's driving me nuts is, why did he then go and talk to other girls? (we were at a bar) He looked genuinely interested in them. After a while, I got uncomfortable watching so I said I was going to head off. He asked me to stay for a while longer I said nah better not hey. I gave him a hug and he kissed my cheek and said So I'll see you next week?

WHAT?!?!? What is this hahaha I'm so confused!