What can be wrong with the person that is considered attractive, but never gets a date?

If guys are that visual why some beautiful girls can't get a boyfriend?



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  • beautiful girls can get laid ALL THE TIME. The reason why they can't get a "boyfriend" is because beautiful women have personality problems.

    The hotter the woman the less her personality.

    Personalities are forged through conflict/adversity. Since beautiful women have everything given to them they don't have much of that because everyone treats them so special/superior.

    Then when they hit 35 suddenly no man wants them, they start THEN getting adversity, but by THEN its too late and they end up having to settle for men who have lower expectations.

    Its called justice.

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      Oh and by the way the reason why they don't make boyfriends out of those lays?

      Because of the WOMAN's "standards". They are so astronomical that there's not a man alive that will ever meet them.

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      So let me get this straight, because people agree to something THAT is what makes it factually true?

      LOL moron.

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      " See I had a friend in school always the beautiful one when we left school no man wanted to date her as she wasn't sociable and had a personality of a mushroom."

      no one agrees huh?

      "Because sometimes people have awful personalities and even if they are beautiful"

      And those are women.

      So suck on that.