If I don't settle I will end up alone that's a fact how to deal with it?

i am already 28 never gave chances to the few guys that crossed my way and I am not that picky just wanted to be with someone with lots of similarities and some sort of attraction...The guys that end up trying something with me are friends, and they aren't particular attractive like smelly or eat in a noise gross way things that as a friend I can accept but not as a girlfriend you know, so I see good looking guys checking me but they never take a move and they aren't my friends...I do think I am somewhat attractive I am not ugly, I am not pretty enough to make other girls not like me but prettier than average I would say and I am bloody nice, extremely friendly towards everyone...but I figure I won't get a guy like me they are already taken...so I was thinking today that maybe its better be alone than with someone that you have some sort of repulse ...

I guess we have an understanding my days are over and man is not my priority so I will be a single lady forever, wish I was a lesbian, hell that would be easier...
How to deal with that the single friend forever, some woman are meant to be alone anyway, some will be we are in larger number

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  • Have any of your friends ever told you that you sound super picky? You even admitted to never giving chances to any guy who has come your way! You're almost 30. Are you honestly searching for a Ken Doll, or a real man with all his faults? I'm not joking, that's a serious question you need to ask yourself before you consider a long-term relationship or marriage. Answer that question for us and you'll be better off knowing where to go from here.

    • i joined eharmony for free but I don't want to pay, so I can't see their photos I first got 7 matches now more 20 I have no idea how that works...Some seem to like me

    • Desperate? You've never had a boyfriend. You need to kill your pride and expand your options. Desperate is you at 35 and trying to find a man when you're just now starting to date online and you have to compete against your 28 year old girls and younger who refused to humble themselves to go online and meet men. If you're not dating online these days, it says to me that you're more proud than you are serious about finding a man. Perhaps single life is okay with you. Not everyone marries.

    • i don't want to be that desperate, I do advise my friends if they know anyone for me let me know, only one wants me to meet her brother, he is quite a player single at 34 I am too innocent for that...it kills my ego that I will have to get a man by myself or through a friend and not because the guy bloody wants me, like happened to all my friends

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  • Congratulations, you're going up and going through something that all women go through after they stop being permiscuous as a way to find love. Now you'll resort to dating far more men who you'd have never given a chance to before.I think your mentality is kind of f***ed up, to be completely honest. I mean, I don't know these guys, maybe he eats like freaking cookie monster, but you should have developed realistic expectations from a young age, instead of the insane expectations that you developed in your life. And of course, _you don't think they're too crazy_ but that's because your idea of a relationship is defined by Hollywood, and Disney movies with princesses that always find prince charming and have a perfect wedding where everybody loves them and couldn't be happier.Good job, you were manipulated to stimulate the economy

    • naw I wasn't looking and I never wanted anyone my career was always my main focus sorry and no I wouldn't get out of my way to find some guy that isn't interested in me

    • You must want something more specific than that to have never found a man in your whole life while actively looking... oh wait, you weren't actively looking. You were too afraid to approach the guys you wanted and just dated from the ones who approached you. You spent your whole life so far settling and just realized you want more than that. At least you're on the right track now.

    • happy man, comfortable on his shoes, into arts, nice smile, finds me really hot, cute face, about my age and funny that's all

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  • Girls like yourself, with too high an opinion of themselves, often wind up alone or in unhappy marriages because they didn't get the Prince Charming they thought they deserved.Typically, you will find the guy you like, but only when you've married someone else. Statistically, it's women like you who cheat most often in marriages.

    • i am not that type at all, no prince charming just a normal genuine good guy that is somehwhat cute and I would never cheat or marry just to get marry

  • Why don't you just approach a guy who you're attracted to yourself? I highly doubt any guy would mind girls making the first move.

    • Agree with him. Women only don't approach men because of their backwards ideas. Contrary to belief, there is no stone sent to earth by god that says the 11th commandment is "Let the man ask you out". And if you think that it would damage a man's self-esteem, why do you think that? Because there's no logical reason to

    • naw I don't want those out of my league I would always feel self consious...

    • Don't let him take you for granted then and let things go slow. I have a feeling your standards are quite high in guys. If you're into guys who are possibly out of your league then you must approach!

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  • Sounds like you'd be better off alone, as you seem more picky than you give yourself credit for. My guess is that you find fault with a lot of little things a guy does, plus he has to be hot on top of it. You're almost 30. You can't be that picky if you want to get married. You either learn to put a lid on your pickiness, or you resign yourself to be alone. You're competing against younger girls now. The time to be picky was in your early 20's, when you had more guys going after you. Either lower your picky behavior towards looks and actions of the guys you interact with, or just start making friends and be content with being single forever. This isn't that complex.

    • yeah someone are meant to be, and no I am not crazy picky I already said it I don't mind fat as long it isn't obese, I don't mind short, I don't mind he makes less money than I do so I guess I am not that bloody picky but yeah still have some standards can't be with someone I don't want to f***

    • I think you ought to consider that option. There's nothing wrong with never getting married. You're very picky, but aren't willing to make compromises. That's fine, nobody is going to force you to get married. It is probably for your best overall mental health to avoid getting married. Try to keep up a good network of friends so you have other people to talk to in your old age. Being an older single person isn't a crime. Just make more friends.

    • that isn't my priority so I guess I will be alone, I won't change myself to find a man

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