Do Guys Like It When Girls Are Forward?

I want to hook up with this guy. We've been talking for a few months now because he lives in the same residential complex as I do, he's even on my floor. We don't really flirt or anything but we get along well. I'm not looking for any type of relationship or anything at all. Just some old fashion fun. Should I just go ahead and ask him if he's interested and wants to hook up or should I wait until he makes a move? I don't want to scare him off because I think he potentially is interested but I'm not sure. Guys, would it turn you off if a girl just outright texted you and asked you to hook up?


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  • For once I would really appreciate if a girl would be honest and upfront with me. If that means she only wants to hook up, then she should tell me so I know what to expect and what I'm (not) getting into.

    I am sick of all the stupid games I was forced to participate in (without me knowing it) and being used that way. So yes, I would very much like a girl who is forward from the beginning.


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  • Of course!

  • I would love a text like that...Go for it...


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