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What do I do now...? I think a guy ACTUALLY noticed me!!!

So, I met this really awesome guy this past weekend. Super nice. didn't really notice him much when I first met him sat morning. We talked a bit, I... Show More

Sorry guys my phone is kinda stupid hence the typos haha! Typing too fast!

My phone also won't let me comment to you guys...i know this sounds minor lol! But for me (and apparently him too) it was 'big' I would like for it to turn into something...he knew a lot more people there so its not even like I was an easy target either...he SEEMED genuinely interested...but I am kinda guy stupid so I suppose I'll leave him be and see what happens!

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  • OK, just take things easy and leet fate decide. Since you're far apart, nothing may ever come of this attraction. But it's nice it happened, anyway. You have some memories that will never completely fade away.

    • UPDATE; Good idea to stay calm and see if he tries to overcome the distance barrier!

  • Your typing needs correction. But I see you talked to his sister. Why'd you do that?

    Thats hard to say. He could be just doing something to look good in front of his sister. He knows his stupid number. That's not right.

    I wouldn't say hell. Just leave that out. If he wants to know you he will over come his shyness. Don't lead him. That's backwards.

    It sounds fairly minor - maybe you can do something about it but distance is hard to over come. You were convenient for that moment for him. Nothing wrong with that. I wouldn't really make a big deal out of it.

    Or I guess you can take the steps to try if you must, ask his sister for his number and she can relay a message and then you can wait.

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