What do I do now...? I think a guy ACTUALLY noticed me!!!

So, I met this really awesome guy this past weekend. Super nice. didn't really notice him much when I first met him sat morning. We talked a bit, I laughed at him...he laughed at me but I mostly talked with his sister.

That night there was a dinner with everyone from during the day. I sat with my bff and low and behold this guy came and sat with me. Lots of other tables to choose from sat with me...all night. He doodled on the table (there was paper and crayons ahaha as lame as it sounds it was entertaining!). Talked more throughout dinner and what not...then the dance started.

I went off with my friend mingled a bit but she looks over and says I think someones looking for ya..I look up and see him looking around lmao!

He comes over on and off throughout the first part of the night...but more on than off aha! Only dances with one other girl who I KNOW is his friend...anyways. Eventually he asks me to dance. And then again and again and again and again...and so on. In between dances were talking a lot too.

Now it comes time to leave and I do something I NEVER EVER EVER EVERRRR do...I asked for his number! But when I ask him for it he tells me he doesn't know it...get his sisters number instead says she will give it to me.

Anyways I added them both on fb. He has liked a couple statuses and stuff but nothing more than that. I think he might be a little shy...but so am I! So what the hell do I do!?! I don't really know him enough to just be all 'hey!' so...yeah. I don't really wanna message him first but I'm stuck. I've never got along with a guy off the bat like that and no guys ever show interest in me like he did...he even asked how old I was and when I told him he was happy to know I wasn't as young as he thought ;)

Another problem too...he lives 4.5hours away. So what the heck am I supposed to do about that?!? Its not like ill just bump into him again (til winter...) and talk then...I don't want to let an opportunity go but I don't want to chase, pester him or come on too strong and scare him off...help?!?

Sorry this is so looong! I think I even forgot to add stuff too haha!

Sorry guys my phone is kinda stupid hence the typos haha! Typing too fast!

My phone also won't let me comment to you guys...i know this sounds minor lol! But for me (and apparently him too) it was 'big' I would like for it to turn into something...he knew a lot more people there so its not even like I was an easy target either...he SEEMED genuinely interested...but I am kinda guy stupid so I suppose I'll leave him be and see what happens!