What do you girls and guys think?

A frined gave me some advice on how to get this girl I like... I put up A post earlier about me asking her out twice and each she said no. I figured out that at the time she broke up with someone and was just not ready to date again. And I foud out (through her two best friends) that she probably... Show More

For the first two people who commented, she's also a pretty close friend. and and as far as I know she loves it when I'm around her. and she doesn't mind too much about personal space with her phone. she lets me use it anyway. and I let her use mine. in fact many times I go through her locker in school to place an Arizona in it ( kiwi strawberry... its her favorite) and she knows I have gone through it by the end of the day from the drink. :)

and she doesn't mind that at all.

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  • that does sound pretty cute, but it's possible if she doesn't really really like you she may feel a bit uncomfortable reading it right next to you

    so just be sure she likes you first