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What is it about me that drives guys away?

I like to look after myself and make an effort with my appearance (in the hopes of getting my first boyfriend :/) I tend to keep it classier than... Show More

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  • First, relax. You're under 18 so you have plenty of time. At that age I placed a lot of the same feelings you are indicating. It's normal to be insecure. It will give way to confidence in time.

    What might surprise you about guys your age is that even the most outgoing guy can be intimidated by a girl he finds attractive. So it may have nothing to do with you. It's a lot easier for us guys if the girl first engage us in conversation.

    The main thing you can do is maintain a clean, neat appearance, dress nicely, and be open to talking in groups. Pay attention to boys to return the attention. We hate being ignored. :-)

    But again, relax, what you are feeling is normal.

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  • It's impossible to judge you this way. I would have to actually get to know you in order to perhaps notice some things about you that may repel guys. And you explaining how you behave is not going to work because it's always going to be subjective and some things you may not even notice and only an outsider may be able to be objective. You could try ask a friend this question, but even a friend may be subjective because (s)he knows you already.

  • get to know your friends, boyfriends ---->friends. No dude is going to randomly walk up to you in class or the halls, unless your smoking hot. got to start a convo by yourself, most dudes your age don't chase the girls, its the other way around.

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