How to attract a guy if you're overweight?

I'm 5 feet 7 about 170 lbs. Cute face, and smile. Trying very hard to loose weight but I can't because of a medical condition. Early 20's never even been kissed, horrible online experience.

Guys I like are cute, go to the gym sort of guys...not super fit like the hulk or anything.

I'm also Indian and like only white guys pretty much.

I was born and raised in the west some I'm not like fresh off the boat or anything.

Issue is I don't look like a 'BIG girl" lol

One of my guy friends said I looked "a little above average not like really fat"

and even I see that when I look into the mirror.

Its because I'm relatively taller

Even my gf's are surprised when they find out I'm a size 12 because they think I'm an 8 or 10.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well from what you described, I like you already, since I happen to like women from that part of the world.

    Sadly, though, guys around your age are still caught on having only skinny girls, and ignore overweight girls, regardless if their face is very pretty or if they have great personalities. Still, it's not hopeless, just get out there more, be friendly to everyone. Eventually you'll find a guy who sees you attractive and will ask you out.