Did she mean to reject me?

This girl was very outgoing but only shy when it came too me,instead she would always smile instead of saying hi first,look when I wasn't looking,always acknowledging me but couldn't make good eye contact when close by,shes told a friend I'm cute while I was in the same room I thought I was... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think she may of been interested but all girls are different. I am a very outgoing and weird (in lack of a better word) girl. When it comes to guys I get SUPER nervous.. and I have my reasons why. Girls get sick of guys taking all of the shots. They get to decide everything and girls don't get a chance so maybe that is why she wanted your number not the other way around? She could just be confused. I would give her a few days? If you push it will push her away so I think giving her a few days to think it over and make her move is your best bet. If nothing happens I guess you just move on.