Did she mean to reject me?

This girl was very outgoing but only shy when it came too me,instead she would always smile instead of saying hi first,look when I wasn't looking,always acknowledging me but couldn't make good eye contact when close by,shes told a friend I'm cute while I was in the same room

I thought I was golden and asked her out and she got very nervous and was looking at the floor when I was talking to her,not even facing in my direction...i asked if she was seeing anyone and if she was doing anything,she said no but ill have to see..so I asked for number and she wanted mine instead?i figured she felt bad so I said no its cool I thought you were interested and she ran off without saying anything when I said that.

I no longer see her,if I don't contact her will she contact me thinking it was her fault and I took it as a complete rejection?or maybe I got mixed signals and she was just comming off as nice?


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  • I think she may of been interested but all girls are different. I am a very outgoing and weird (in lack of a better word) girl. When it comes to guys I get SUPER nervous.. and I have my reasons why. Girls get sick of guys taking all of the shots. They get to decide everything and girls don't get a chance so maybe that is why she wanted your number not the other way around? She could just be confused. I would give her a few days? If you push it will push her away so I think giving her a few days to think it over and make her move is your best bet. If nothing happens I guess you just move on.


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  • she is a pretty shy girl...mite b shez not ready to initiate any relationship or just too shy but I feel she likes you...cz girls don't stare widout any reason that too when you are not looking...i would suggest try to make her feel comfortable with you by contacting her... :)..hope it works..

    • yeah I didn't think much of her untill I realized all the extra interest she had in me/the shyness around just me but fine around every other guy..i think I may of messed up by not having a good conversation with her before asking her out..she was always shy and they'd be small or pointless convos so I didn't really have a choice,i think contacting her would be pointless she's most likley seeing someone by now,she would of at least gave her number but I feel good about not giving it

    • alrite...can you help me by answering my question?

  • she can't make up her mind!

  • Ive did this before and you got rejected. She didn't want you to have her number so that's why she asked for yours.


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  • Wow...she IS NOT interested AT ALL. She gave you all the NO sings man.

    Nervous, no eye contact..looking at the floor while you were speaking, she told you she'll have to see, and she refused to give you her number, but tried to make it look better by asking for yours...lol..she's pretty tricky.

    You're completely over thinking this whole thing. She never was interested...you didn't pick up on the signs...then you tried asking her out, at which time she was completely disconnected from the conversation. Yes...she meant to reject you. She rejected you at least 6 times by my count.

    • She was deffinetley interested in me,because I wasn't even interested in her beforehand she pulled my attention after a while and made me realize she was by the way she was acting towards me,she would talk to every other dude like a breeze but me she could barley could...i guess I screwed it up pretty hard or better yet screwed my self haha

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    • yeah I've just never had that shy of a girl into me before..fell off the game a bit with this one

    • In the future you will learn that most of the time the consistently shy girls are the ones not interested.

  • I don't think it is a good idea to tell her you saw that she might be interested :P Maybe you were going too much at a time perhaps. Saying someone is cute doesn't mean she can't live without you. Id say, give it some time. But not too much. Start from scratch as if nothing happened - as if you forgot you did something wrong.

    It seems this kind of girls you mention is trying to be your friend first. Definitely don't go out and tell her you love her or anything, cause that might be a turn off, especially so soon.

    I don't think she will contact you. Id say you screwed it up. She rejected you because the way you handled it. She was nice and I bet she remained so. At least if you meet her next time, don't tell her about the last time because she knows. Maybe you should try how it is to be non-sexual with a girl. She will like you more, but the challenge is, to remain both in love - if you love her, but not saying so, just do some things together, but give her some time :D Be steady, not "once and for all, and once you have her she is yours", because she will leave you later, even if you manage to "get her" if you take her for granted.