How long before you give up on a girl you like?

If you like a girl do you make an honest effort to approach her or to make something more of the relationship? This question is especially geared towards shy guys. Also, how long before you give up on a girl you have a crush on, assuming very little effort has been made to take things further?

Am I right to assume that if a guy likes me, he will make some sort of effort (at least to be my friend)?


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  • I guess a shy guy wouldn't make a move unless they were 100% sure the girl was into them and would say yes, otherwise they'll just be over thinking things in their mind (arguing with themselves mentally) and end up doing nothing, just like what I did a while ago :\.

    To answer your question, it depends if the guy actually liked you or not, I still think about this cute girl that had a crush on me back in september (haven't seen her since november). I hesitated and waited too long, therefore she disappeared like a ghost to me, leaving me sad and confused, but I still think about her even now.

    To be honest I still think about this amazing girl that had a crush on me 5 years ago, I was really shy back then and I never hooked up with her, if I ever saw her now I guess I would be comfortable enough to talk to her and maybe be friends with her, but I don't really know how I would feel if I ever saw her.

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      Ugh that sucks :| It has almost happened to me in the past. What would've helped you make a move on either girl back then? Is there anything she could've done that would've given you that extra push?

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      I guess time, but I knew they were interested in me already. Patience in a girl would have helped me to get more comfortable with approaching her and if you ignore the guy, he's not going to magically turn up somewhere and talk to you like some miracle.

      You have to be there for him to approach you, especially if he is shy, also eye contact and just being within close proximity of the guy will help him to become more comfortable with being around you and eventually talking to you.