Why did he asked me on date then did not show up?

Why did he asked me on a date and then did not show up? I texted him but still no reply.

Very weird..


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  • Sorry to hear that, maybe something happened to him? Or he's just an a**hole. Could be either, or could be both.

    • Thank you for your answer!

      Well, I guess he is an a**hole...

      I am so unlucky in dating...

      Thanks once again!

    • Aww its okay, you'll find someone who isn't an a**hole eventually. Just keep trying and don't let him bring you down :)

      Thanks for BA btw

    • Hope I will, thanks!:)

      Btw you're welcome!

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  • Yeah, wow. What a flakey, crummy thing to do. Sorry that it happened to you.

    I know someone who does this a lot (to a lot of people), and I'm not even dating her. The stance I've taken is that she's invited to things that are open invites. I don't hate her; I wish her the best. But, I don't make plans for anything special with her; I'm not rearranging my schedule. I choose things that I'd be interested in doing BY MYSELF; things that are "on the way" to meetings; Coffee houses are ideal as I can still get my drink, do a little reading, and prepare for my meeting. If she does show, fine, we'll hang for 20 minutes. But if she doesn't, I'll still enjoy my coffee and relax, or show up to my meeting early. I'm not setting aside any more time than I would want to lose.

    If you still want anything to do with this guy (and that's up to you), you could consider that philosophy. Open invites; but let him earn your trust back. If he apologizes, accept; but don't sweat it... you still had fun at your restaurant or going to that movie, or whatever it was you guys were going to do on your date.

    His loss. ;)

    • That's okey, I am not hurt anymore was actually for a few hours then had a gym session and all anger went down:)

      The funny thing was that we were meant to meet near bus stop so when 30 mints went past I just simply left back home, then enjoyed gym and pool session to build up my mood also watched a great movie online:)

      I really really like your idea, it's just great! Should do that some day, but not with this guy! Jerk, didn't even said sorry!

      Thanks once again for your reply.

  • I am sorry to hear that but he may have been busy.He may have had to work late or he may have already been involved with someone and didn't want to get caught.It could have been any reason.It is hard to tell just don't worry about him.You can get plenty of dates.So one jackass stood you up.Don't worry he wasn't good enough for you anyways and if it was meant to be it would've been

  • People often no-show on dates. It's rude, jerky, but happens about 1/4 to 1/2 of the time.

    • Thanks for answer! yes, I know it happenes a lot sadly

  • ah that's too bad. Most likely just chickened out. Moving on.

    • Thanks! Already did! Going clubbing soon:)

  • Because he got high.

  • Something happened to him?

    • Surely nothing happened, I saw him from my balcony walking past..I guess he better walk faster other ways something can actually happen to him))

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  • what a jerk sorry that you went through that, he most likely is a coward and chickened out, may be he's not ready for a relationship or something serious you know? he's still in a boy stage where he's horny and doesn't know what he wants but still likes to flirt with women, he just does the talk but can't do the walk. I've seen a lot of guys like that. if you see him again just pretend you didn't see him and smile to yourself, be happy and just move on laugh with your friends and have a good time. don't let it show that it affected u, trust me its the best revenge for him.

    • Thank you! Will move on and don't take that very serious:)