How do I ask her out after she tracked me down?

This girl who works in a coffee shop found my art portfolio that I lost outside her work. She googled my name, added me on LinkedIn, and sent me a message saying she found my portfolio with my projects.

I had never been to this coffee shop before, so it was strange that it turned up there.

Anyway, I get there to pick it up, and she is a very beautiful blond girl who was really cool. I thanked her but let her get back to work because she was busy.

I want to ask her out. I would normally ask her for coffee, but since she works at a coffee shop, somewhere else may be better

I only have her LinkedIn as my only way to contact her.

How should I ask her out? What sort of things should I say in the private message? I definitely wanna thank her again for being a detective and finding me.


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  • Tell her you wanna' take her to dinner as a "thank you" and if she says yes at the end of the dinner ask her if you can see her again

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    • That's lame! I'm very sorry. But then again maybe she's jusy busy you know. But if you keep looking you'll find the right girl :-)and add me as a friend if youd like, !

    • Ok :)

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  • send her a flirty message... or just flat out ask her to fu*k you ;)

  • This is easy. Send her a message on linked in saying thank you and ask her out for a glass of wine.

  • coffee shops are nice places to hang out, go there when its not busy and try to have a conversation with her, maybe invite her to a party when she gets off, or take her to see a movie:)


What Guys Said 2

  • Ask her if she believes in fate. Sure it's corny, but the situation calls for it. See how she answers.

    If she flirts back, then ask her maybe to go walking , since right, she's not going to want to have to smell any more coffee!

  • That was cool of her. I'd keep it simple, take her to a Gallery or Museum or something. She seems like an art lover.