How do I ask her out after she tracked me down?

This girl who works in a coffee shop found my art portfolio that I lost outside her work. She googled my name, added me on LinkedIn, and sent me a message saying she found my portfolio with my projects.

I had never been to this coffee shop before, so it was strange that it turned up there.

Anyway, I get there to pick it up, and she is a very beautiful blond girl who was really cool. I thanked her but let her get back to work because she was busy.

I want to ask her out. I would normally ask her for coffee, but since she works at a coffee shop, somewhere else may be better

I only have her LinkedIn as my only way to contact her.

How should I ask her out? What sort of things should I say in the private message? I definitely wanna thank her again for being a detective and finding me.


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  • Tell her you wanna' take her to dinner as a "thank you" and if she says yes at the end of the dinner ask her if you can see her again

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      This is a good answer

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      That's lame! I'm very sorry. But then again maybe she's jusy busy you know. But if you keep looking you'll find the right girl :-)and add me as a friend if youd like, !

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      Ok :)