Do I have to start going out to meet guys?

Im 20 and have never been with a guy. I'm shy at first but with certain people, I can get over it.bim generally a quiet person, but I have my days when I feel very talkative. I'm just not the partying type. I'm a goody two shoes so yeah... I always try to do the right thing.

So I know if I had to meet guys, the clubs or bars aren't for me. Ill be 21 in 6 months so I know my friends are going to drag me down to the bars when I am old enough.

Anyway, I'm in college and the guys there are cool but I'm not interested in them that way. At work, I'm a receptionist so I meet many guys but again, I just don't see them that way.

I rarely go out. Once in a while, I go out for lunch with my friends. Its a pretty long lunch break. ( about 2 to 3 hours. Haha) so we hang out for a bit.

but honestly, it scares me to meet guys outside of my usual spots. I'm used to meeting guys at school, like I did in high school, but I Haven't met anyone in college. At work, I developed feelings for this guy but I think I grew tired of waiting and I'm too scared to show interest. he's a customer so I only see him once a month so I'm tired of.waiting around like an idiot so I'm just going to move on.

So now, I feel really lame because I still Haven't done anything with a guy and my friends, the older ones who are around 28+ are all settled down with kids(I don't compare myself to them of course, since they're older), and my only friend from high school has now started to mess around with guys. we used to be both single and clueless about guys, now she messes around with them. I don't think she has relationships, she just messes around with them. I want something more serious though. Not to settle down yet, but I don't want to just sleep around.

Anyway, so will I have to get out of my.comfort zone? How do I meet guys though, if I'm scared to talk to guys I meet in the street?


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  • it really sounds like you don't like guys at all. I mean you don't like guys at you're college? wtf. a tiny college will still have hundreds of guys, yet you say you don't like them...or the guys at work. so its painfully clear that you have to decide what you want before you go looking for it.

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      Well I meant to say I don't like the ones I have met. I don't see them as more than friends. The guys that come to my job are either too old, or married. I don't want to be after married men. I'm not a homewrecker.

      so I don't know if to keep waiting to see if I meet someone I like at school, or do I have to take a different approach to meeting guys.

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      well my advice it to take full advantage of being in college. it never gets easier than that