We have been flirting touching and all but she goes cold when I ask for a number...

If I don't give a dam she comes back really missing me, why? Then when I do she makes the comment your not coming for me are you? I found her on twitter and she's a christian. Maybe that's it? I really like the girl but I don't know what to do.

On twitter she says she's going to single this Valentine's day. She shows no men in her life. The very last time I seen her I looked at her and turned my head away then hid from her. I don't know what she might of seen it as meaning but she keeps running back to her male freinds in the pack. Half really like me the other half are trying me. One of them keeps a eye on me. The one she's runback to. I'm wondering if he is saying something. She runs to him, other times she runs from him to wave at me


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  • Hmm... I can't tell if she is playing game or she is the one who likes doing the chasing, see back in the 1950's people were taught the men should do all the chasing but quite honestly I observe and learn from both my own sex and males and both males and females can be very dominant, both males and females like to be challenged not just men, so if she likes the chase why not give her that challenge? :), she is obviously a very dominant woman though that's for sure so let her be that for a while and see where it goes.

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      Thanks... I'll avoid her.. And let her know it...