Why does my mom ignore the things I ask for Christmas and get me random crap I don't want?

I'm not trying to sound ungrateful but every year when I tell my mom what I would like for Christmas she already has bought me stuff and when I open it it's random stuff I would never like or ask for. I've tried telling her before she goes shopping and she ignores my requests. It's so annoying because there is stuff I actually want and need that she won't buy because "she's already done shopping for me"


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  • Ugh my mother does this too. She will even spend more money in things I dot want instead of getting me the cheaper item I actually need. I think it is laziness/not really caring/picking what he likes not what I like. What I do is open presents and thank her and then later set aside the things I don't like an ask to return or exchange for the things I really want and need. It's rude of me I know, but its also rude of someone to ignore your requests and get completely random crap when your already told them what you want. Be firm

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      Halleluia thank you! I'm not the only one who finds it annoying!