Why does my mom ignore the things I ask for Christmas and get me random crap I don't want?

I'm not trying to sound ungrateful but every year when I tell my mom what I would like for Christmas she already has bought me stuff and when I open it it's random stuff I would never like or ask for. I've tried telling her before she goes shopping and she ignores my requests. It's so annoying because there is stuff I actually want and need that she won't buy because "she's already done shopping for me"


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  • Ugh my mother does this too. She will even spend more money in things I dot want instead of getting me the cheaper item I actually need. I think it is laziness/not really caring/picking what he likes not what I like. What I do is open presents and thank her and then later set aside the things I don't like an ask to return or exchange for the things I really want and need. It's rude of me I know, but its also rude of someone to ignore your requests and get completely random crap when your already told them what you want. Be firm

    • Halleluia thank you! I'm not the only one who finds it annoying!

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  • They do tend to et your what's 'for your own good.' Years from now, you'll be grateful to her!

    • They aren't even for my own good. I'll ask for a winter coat and shell buy me a volleyball and tennis racket when I suck at both those things.

  • She must a Sagittarius!

  • Complaining about free stuff lol. If you don't like it sell it in a few months.

  • Ah those were the days... back when I actually cared about what I got for Christmas.

    Christmas is about the parties, seeing people you get along well with, and having a right good feast. Anyone who cares so much about gifts has priority issues but you know what I'm being too harsh you're a kid... just hopefully by the time you hit 18 you got it worked out.

  • first world problems

  • It can be annoying, but in the end what you get is still a gift. It's not like you lost anything by getting something you didn't want

  • Haha, it's not funny...but it kinda is. When I was a teenager my mom used to do that, I think it was secretly because she a problem with me. Teens are generally annoying without realizing it, parents love them but kinda really don't like them during that stretch. Its probably her passive aggressive way of getting at you. Don't stress it, just get a job and buy yourself the stuff you really want.

    • Hahaha true

    • Lol, yeah my mother didn't like me from 13-18. But then she started loving me again when I went off to college. I guess distance makes the heart grow fonder.

  • You think you have it bad... my mom wouldn't stop bugging me about writing a list, lol when you hit 18 you probably won't complain much.

  • I know what you mean.

    Try telling her what you want super far in advance. Keep bringing it up over the course of the year until Christmas. Be like, "Oh that new ______ is so nice! I would really want one someday"

    • Thank you! Another, non aggressive answer. She'll ask me before she goes shopping sometimes then ignore whatever I say and get the opposite.

    • Then you should return it and use the money to get something you really want.

  • Next time you open gift, think about how many other people in the world there are that would trade places to be in your shoes receiving any gift.

    • I do, but I think it's rude to outright ignore a reasonable requests when I actually get her the stuff she asks for.

    • I realize you're under 18 and still haven't matured yet in that respect. But realize, all it is..is just material. The fact that she works hard to provide you a gift should mean enough. Stop being so hard on her, and give your mom a break

    • She doesn't work, so stop assuming you know what type of person she is or I am for that matter. I'm not "hard on her" I just say thank you and pretend I like it. I would rather her spend her money on something actually necessary though. That was my whole point

  • Lmao, I used to say the exact same thing when I was a kid. Now I appreciate everything. Guess that makes me an old f***.

  • haha hence why I like this: link

  • maybe she cannot afford the exact things you ask for?

    • She buys more expensive crap that she knows I don't like

  • YOU have to send the things back to her again if they are not your style and critique the things that are wrong until she gets it. There is no easy way. Otherwise she will assume you like these thingsa and fill your house with her idea of what you should dress like and be like etc etc. Or Just say " No Gifts. " And remind her at Thanksgiving. Every year. No easy way.

    • Thank you! An actual helpful answer.

  • "need"

    You didn't get it

    You're still here

    You don't need it..

    How about we don't emphasize the commercialism of our holidays. Perhaps the 25th ought to be a day simply to celebrate the family and not buy everything? I'm 16 and I'd be just fine without Xmas gifts, and I can assure you, if I have kids, they will not be receiving any.

    • Fine... Stuff that is required. Like getting leopards for dance. I ask for practical stuff I am required to get that I will use

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    • Well when have parents made sense to kids I suppose.

    • Never

  • Age:Under 18

    Not surprised, I was like this too back in the day lol

    The point of giving gifts is the giving and you should be grateful for anything you get and not view getting a gift as your birthright. There is nothing so tacky as a person who complains about a gift which just shows that you are spoiled and don't understand the idea of giving gifts or receiving them.

    • I'm grateful and don't assume it's my "birthright" I do I do however find it irritating when my mom knows I hate certain stuff and gets me it anyway. for example, How would you like it if someone knew you hated a certain sports team and for Christmas every year they always got that sports team's paraphernalia?

  • Because Christmas is more then just getting presents.

  • seriously ,there are lot of kids who don't even get to celebrate Christmas,you come here and throw tantrums

    • Really, I'm throwing a tantrum. I apologize for not wanton her to waste money on unnecessary items.

  • I think if you tell your mum what you want her to get for you, it defeat the purpose of giving and receiving Christmas gifts.

  • Idk, but I am symapthetic. I had a lot of relatives including sometimes my immediate family who gave me stuff that could only be classified as "bizarre"

    • Thank you. Another actual answer

    • I am actually shocked at the answers you are receiving here...ik...it's the thought that counts...right;? F*** that sh*t...if you were my neighbor and I knew you hated liver & onions...and I invited you over for supper...and served liver & onions...would you be flattered?

    • Thank you so am I! I'm jus trying to find ways to get her. To stop wasting money on unnecessary weird stuff and people are hating. It's plain etiquette... You should try to take into consideration people's preferences and dislikes.

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  • Actually, you are being extremely ungrateful.

    • How am I you grateful for not wanting her to spend money on things I don't need?

    • There are people who don't get anything for Christmas. I think you should be happy about the presents you received. She spent money buying that staff.

      She probably doesn't know you well enough to buy the things you want. But at least, she is trying.

      I believe you should discuss more often with her. Then the next time she would know for sure what to buy for you.

      You shouldn't be complaining about that though.

    • She will even ask me what I want for Christmas, I'll tell her or she'll offer a few examples like "a real leather jacket" il say "uhh I don't really need that" then she'll ignore actual practical things and get me the leatherjacket.