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Guys, how long does it often take you to get over your crush?

Let's say, you are a guy who gets hit on quite often. You are open to casual hang-outs, hook-ups but really picky when it comes to committed... Show More

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  • For me, it didn't take long to get over the first girl I liked in college. She and I had already been friends for a while. I asked her out and got shot down not long before leaving for summer break and we lived about three hours away from each other. All told, it was probably about a month or two.

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  • I only get over my crush/infatuations if I cut them out of my life for a while.

  • For men the only way is finding a stronger crush. Otherwise it can last forever. We tend to be loyal to our feelings.

    • true but girls can be even worse because they become obsessive and can stalk and do other stuff too.

    • for us is easy to escape those tho. all you have to do is act a bit needy and complement them, lol

  • I don't think that men get crushes really. Liking a girl is different from being infatuated.

    • I know the difference between liking a girl and falling for her. I got rejected by my crush. Damn, it so hard. It has already been 2 weeks and I am so heartbroken that my heart is being torn. :( If that's isn't a real crush then I don't know.

      I really wanted to be with her. I would do anything about myself, change anything, to get her acceptance. I have tried almost everything, but it's so hard to just forget about her when I really were in love with her for a month before I got rejected. :'(

    • I'm sorry @Lonelywolf21 If you want to send me a pm, I may be able to help you later on.

  • i don't tend to get crushes, I like someone or I don't so its not that easy just to get over it. so for me its not a time span its more whenever the next girl I like comes along

    • I can say the same about me. It took be 8 years to fall in love with a girl again, and this time it were for real. But it's so sad that you get rejected without getting a chance at all. It's heartbreaking and it feel like you heart is gonna get torn apart. :'(

  • Months. I rarely find people I am attracted to on an emotional level. When I do I know its real and it takes me a while to get that out of my mind.

  • Couple months usually I suppose.

  • Until I find a stronger crush, I still think about her subconsciously.

  • This one girl I like I've had a crush on for a year and I think she's still crushing on me because her friend always grabs her and tries to push her towards me and I think its cute lol but I don't have what it takes to talk to her. forever aloner here.

    • Do it, anon-bro. you will deeply regret it if you don't try at all. :)

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