What kind of girls get approached at clubs?

Are they the sophisticated/hot ones that guys really do desire or probably just the mediocre looking ones that these dudes think they have a higher chance with? Or do they just hit on the easy girls? What's up with guys just staring/looking at a girl but not saying a thing? Besides, what does it... Show More

  • Vote A Sophisticated/Hot/Desirable girls
  • Vote B Mediocre looking girls
  • Vote C Easy looking girls
I'm talking super clubs that attract a more sophisticated/relatively richer crowd. I kind of figured that all ladies will get approached at some point in time. Nonetheless, which sort of girls will men gravitate towards?

Most Helpful Guy

  • The girls who get approached most often at clubs is usually the waitresses.

    • Hahaha lol! But honestly...

    • All kinds of girls, cuzz there are all kinds of guys. ; - )

    • Fair enough, thank you all the same! :)